Which is better the LAPD OR LASD?! ?

I might join the police force some time in there near future but im wondering which one is better... The LAPD or the los angeles county sherrifs department...which one has more benifets or perks?! Also I hurd that after the acadmy you have got to work in the prisons rather than go straight to the street. Is this the same for the LASD?!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Here is my perspective....may not be directly on point, but I hope it helps...

    I was a Public Defender in Los Angeles County for two years. I have seen probably 2000 police reports from LASD and LAPD. I have also spoken to about 2000 arrestees in my day.

    LASD is far more respected and dignified. Remember, they run the jails. This means that they deal with a ton of custodies and tend to have good relationships, in as much as that is possible.

    I once had a client sum it up best when he was talking about getting arrested by LAPD. He was scared shitless. As soon as "the Greens" showed up, he knew he was okay.

    I respect Deputies. I cannot stand LAPD. Their poor reputations are not without merit.

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