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Anyone here know about keyboards and such, please help?

ok so i want to give my younger brother a keyboard b/c he says that he wants to create music, he says he can think up beats and rhythms in his hard (he likes kanye west type songs) so he wants to make his own music. so is a keyboard the best way to go???? it is either that or something more like what he says he wanted which is what kanye west used for his last album which was this:

do these things come cheaper????

any advice or positive comments are greatly appreciated

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    Well, people such as Kanye use finger triggers which are electronic drums basically and can be used to make any sound like techno and synthesizer music. Search finger trigger on Youtube. It may seem like a toy but all rappers use it.

    The other way to go would be to get a keyboard because they have drum sets in them and other catchy and great sounds such as disco, beats, drums and synthesizers. You could get a synthesizer but to get a decent one would be around 500-1000 dollars and are also very complicating. You could get a very good portable keyboard for $130. Companies such as Yamaha or Casio make great cheap keyboards.

    If he wants to take it to the next level you could get a turntable. They add great effects.

    If you want to do some hardcore beats go for the finger trigger, but the better way to go would be a keyboard. When you are looking for a keyboard look for as many sounds as possible. The best for that would be a Yamaha PSR-E313 for only $150 at

    You could also get the finger trigger, the keyboard and the turntable for very cheap. But I would suggest the keyboard.

    For more Google or Youtube search all of my suggestions!

    Hoped this helped


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