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Bill Clinton related/Whitewater/Mr. Cloud 9/ Who can explain this list?

I did read about this in the 90's but was so busy doing business, I didn't pay much attention....although I had a bad impression of Clinton because of these questions.

BUSH and his illegal war & countless abuse of power, succeeded in erasing this from my memory.

Mr. Cloud 9 responded to my post about Repub crimes...but a crook is a crook. I am open minded

What is this extensive list? Who are these people?

Is this like the list of all the Kennedy assasination witnesses dying; something like a 1 in 20,000,000

probability of all these people dying, type thing?

Vincent Foster (Whitehouse Deputy Counsel, Gunshot to mouth, neck wounds)

Kathy Ferguson (ex-wife of Clinton co-defendant, Gunshot to head)

Bill Shelton (Arkansas state trooper, Kathy Ferguson's fiancee, Gunshot to head)

Susan Coleman (Alleged Clinton Girlfriend, 7.5 months pregnant, Gunshot to head)

Jon Parnell Walker (RTC Investigator on Whitewater, fell from top of Lincoln Towers)

Niko Junic (In charge of the radio beacon/Brown Crash, Gunshot)

John A. Wilson (Former Wash D.C. councilman, hung)

Terrance Yeakey (First policeman at the Murrah Building, gun shot wound/slashes)

Ian Spiro (Inslaw Witness, Gunshot to Head)

Sharlott A. Donovan (Ret TechSgt/WH Comm Office, Plastic Bag over Head)

Admiral Boorda (CNO, gunshot chest)

Frank Aller (Clinton roommate at Oxford, repentant of draft dodging, Gunshot to mouth)

Robert Bates (Mena mechanic, witness) - drank himself to death on mouthwash

James Bunch ("Black Book" keeper, gunshot)

Wallace Blaylock (husband of Lenora Steinkamp - lady in Drudge video taped 93 aired 9/98, gunshot)

Raymond Albright (shot 5 times in chest, ruled suicide by M.E. Malak)

Charles Wilbourne Miller, Exec of Alltel - successor to Jackson Stephen's Systematics (gunshot)

Gordon Matteson (Clinton friend/associate, Shot to head)

Danny Casolaro (Investigator Inslaw, "Octopus" - Wrists Slashed)

Calvin Walraven (Witness Jocelyn Elders son's drug case, Gunshot)

Marine Cpl Eric S. Fox, assigned to helicopter squadron for president (gun shot to head)

Peter John Berwick, shot to death witness in federal investigation Arkansas company

John Arthur Paisley (CIA, gunshot to head, found in river…)

Laurence Martin (OKC surviver, suicide by plane crash)

Kenneth Trentadue (OK prisoner)

Li Fuxiang (foreign exchange, jump)

John I Millis (House Intelligence, CIA)

Evan Hunziker (held in North Korea)

Charlene Edwards (INS Miami)

Franz Lanz (ARL scientist, informant)


Mary Mahoney (Former White House intern shot multiple times in a Starbucks, pockets picked, no cash register money taken)

Luther "Jerry" Parks (Provided security for Clinton's campaign, multiple gunshots)

Kevin Ives (Witness to Mena, skull crushed, left to be run over by train)

Don Henry (Witness to Mena, stabbed, left to be run over by train)

Eric Butera (Starbucks informant, beaten to death in sting)

Jeff Rhodes (Ives/Henry Witness, gunshot to head)

Ed Gould (Clinton's HIV/AIDS Advisory Council, Toxic)

Florence Martin (Accountant with info on Barry Seal, Gunshot to head)

Alder Berriman (Barry) Seal (Mena, Murdered)

Keith McKaskle (Ives/Henry Informant, Stabbed)

Gregory Collins (Ives/Henry Informant, Gunshot to Head)

James Milon (Ives/Henry Informant, Decapitated)

Richard Winters (Ives/Henry Suspect, Shotgunned)

Jordan Ketelson (Ives/Henry Informant, Shotgunned)

Larry Guerin (Inslaw Investigator, unknown)

Alan Standorf (NSA, Inslaw Investigator, unknown)

Dennis Eisman (Inslaw attorney, Shot)

Mitchell D. Abel, (Cocaine dealer and student re Tyson, Gunshot)

Mike Samples (Ives/Henry witness)

Eric L. Henderson (financial advisor to Ron Brown, shot while riding bicycle)

Steve Leung (investor in China, beaten)

Mary Beth (Pixie) Grismore (politically connected, murdered)

Judy Danielak (journalist, sniper)

Cecil Boren (by escaped inmate, tainted blood whistleblower)

Lee Scott Hall (stabbed, Lawrence Livermore Lab employee)

JohnD Muskopf (CIA Analyst, murder in robbery attempt

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    I'm skeptical, but I will keep an open mind.

    What are some sources of your information? The only person on the list I ever heard of was Vince Foster. How do I know all these other people had any relationship to Clinton or if they even existed?

    I have had an uncle, a cousin, a brother in law, two friends and two co-workers all commit suicide. Another uncle and my wife's cousin both died under mysterious circumstances. Four school mates and another cousin died in auto accidents, and my brother's girl friend was murdered back in the 1970s. My sister in law's parents died in an airplane crash. The guy who helped me move had one brother murdered and another who died in an accident. An ex-girlfriend of mine had her husband murdered and her son died in a car wreck. Does that mean I had them all killed?

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    Much all of this is very true. If you have information that could harm the Clintons, you better become their best friend or you will be mysteriously dead very soon.

    The Clintons are and always have been criminals.

    As for your assumptions about Bush and the Iraqi war, you will also have to hold accountable every Senator and House member who agreed that the removal of Hussein was the most important thing to do.

    You people who ignore facts are so very hypocritical.

    Heck I bet you voted for Hussein Obama as well.

    And look at all the people he is surrounding himself with. Criminals, terrorists, Carter and Clinton officials, and Illinois politicians.

    And you think this guy won't have any criminal activity?


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    Its way beyond coincidence that many accidental deaths relations to the Clintons Ive been waiting for a Bush rebuttal to this but they cant even come close

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    Read this article and it will no doubt change your mind on Bush also. The Democrats tend to ignore all the Facts!

    BUSH and his illegal war & countless abuse of power, succeeded in erasing this from my memory.

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    1 decade ago

    Very interesting! Indeed. Is there a website to go along with this?

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    1 decade ago

    Dead men tell no tales

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    oooooookkkkkkkkk. my answer is YES.............wait, wait, wait..........I mean NO!!

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