For my first pistol, should I choose a Sig P229 or a 1911?

This will be my first pistol I've ever owned, and I'm having trouble deciding between the two. They are both used, but in very good condition. The first option is a Sig Sauer P229 (.357), costing around $500. Next is a beautiful Kimber 1911 (.45 ACP), which costs around $600. Let me know what you think would be a better gun for a novice shooter that hopes to improve his skills at the range. If you have any other suggestions, those are welcome as well. Thanks.

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    Which gun feels the best for you? the one that feels good and handles the best for you is the one to get. the 45 1911 is a good caliber to learn on and is good in all situations. The .357 is a lot of gun and sometimes is not the best gun to target shoot with.

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    I have absolutely no expeirence with either pistol.

    But I would say get a .45ACP over a .357 Sig.

    the .45 will be easier to find ammunition for in bulk, and most likely cheaper too.

    .45 is considered by many to be the best take down round, the slow moving bullets will do more tissue dammage, with a heavy load.

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    Did you look at any Glocks. They are a very reliable gun. You can pretty much bury them in mud and they will still shoot. Plus, they have only a few parts, so they are easy to maintain. This is a good quality for new gun owners. Also, look at the price difference in ammunition when deciding on caliber. A mistake I made when I bought my first pistol. That is where you will be spending the most money, especially since you plan on being at the range alot. Bullets are very expensive. My preference is the Glock 23. It is not as costly, and in my opinion, a better gun. Good luck.

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    the kimber sounds like a great deal, but with the sig sauer, i believe you can purchase replacement barrels chambered in 9mm and 40cal without having to replace the magazine or anything else. it takes about 3 seconds to change barrels back and forth. i have a glock-31 .357sig and i bought a spare 9mm barrel that was a little over $100 for when i want to save some money and shoot the far less expensive 9mm rounds. they both sound like great guns though.

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    either would be a great addition.

    both chamber common cartridges.

    if you are thinking about combat shoting, the 1911 is a good choice, weight, the Sig is good.

    There are many options for a 1911A1.

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