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Why are FFAF and Stabbing the Drama the same person?

They always give each other BA with their 'E-Love'... could it be anymore obvious?


David, I believe he just said that so he could switch to his Stabbing the Drama account and no one would think anything of it.

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    I wondered that, actually. But I'm not sure :P

    I'm leaning more on the side that they're two different people.

    But how they give eachother best answers every time gets on my nerves, doesn't even give anyone else a chance. >:|

  • I dislike the BA thing, but they aren't the only people I have seen to favor eachother when it comes to BAs.

    I got to agree with Gem. Stabbing has been a contact for a while, and FFAF....well... is definitely different. If they are the same, well, that would be just pathetic. But as Michealsaid, on here, stranger things have happened.

    But unless they share an IP, I doubt it. I think folks are getting a mite paranoid around here.........

    wait.... what if Darth and Shreder are really the same person?!?!??!?! ZOMG!!!!!!

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    LOL Ozzy nah they're both different people Stabbing The Drama has been a contact of mine for awhile on here and she's always been cool, plus FFAF is from Austrailia, I've seen thier pictures and they look nothing alike lol, but their super cool.

  • Gem
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    Oh..... I think everyone's losing their trust to their fellow R&Pers.

    FFAF has a completely different behavior from Stab...


    They're both regs here and it's an extremely tedious and difficult work to hangout regularly in R&P with constantly switching accounts unless he has two computers and two IP addresses. Plus having a multiple personality, employing it several hours each day, is quite a difficult task.


    I wish I could track IP addresses....

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    first of all, you cant answer the same question within 3 seconds because you have to sign off and then sing back on. second, i saw a question with stab's picture, and ffaf has a picture of himselfas his avatar. so they arent the same person unless he or she has a body suit like the guy on silence of the lambs and he or she has 2 different computers right next to each other and can type on 2 different keyboards at the same time.

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    1 decade ago

    Lmao!!! Are you serious???

    How is that possible? We are not the same person.....I've been on here for over a year....and before I was Stabbing the Drama, I was godsmack5291......this is seriously a poor excuse to target people

    I am a chick and from CT....he's a dude and from Australia.....

    seriously, we don't always give each other BA.....I am not saying we don't but, come on...everyone does that....I can list off a bunch of users who give BA to their friends.....

    Seriously, why are you trying to start crap....this is very very pathetic.....

    We are not the same person, that isn't even possible......

    I have done nothing to be attacked like this and neither has he.....

    Sorry that we just have fun together and get along really well....everyone has friends on here........I must have missed the memo that that wasn't allowed....

    Source(s): Oh and whatever you can so it can be known that we are not the same yahoo ask for our ip addresses.....just so when they tell you we are two seperate can realize how uncool this please do it!!!! :) Thanks to everyone who realizes how uncool and untrue this is.....I appreciate it :)
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    Wow...seriously? Is that really all you have to say? Really Ozzy Fan, you amuse me. Just because they seem close doesn't make them the same person. As other people have pointed out, it's near impossible for that to happen. This is a poor attempt at starting drama my friend. Peace!

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    Well, FFAF annouced with great fanfare earlier in a question that he will be off Y!A for a while.So you'll have to check if the other one also disappears from Y!A for a while.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like FFAF, and barely know Stab (Although He seems cool) they seem pretty different to Me.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with Gem lol. People should stop doubting any of the regulars around here.

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