How is it that in some scenes of movies that the people talk but you cant see their mouth move?


When Noah jumps into the ferris wheel seat that Allie and a boy are sitting in, we hear Allie's voice yell, "Get off me!", but Allie's lips do not move to say the words. While the words are said, Allie's mouth is simply open, as she is gasping.


what movie is dat doesnt matter. da point is, WHY does it happen.!!

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    This can often be a decision made in post-production where the producer feels that dialogue is necessary. They then get the actor in to record the line in your example "Get off me!" using a technique called ADR (Additional dialogue replacement). This is cheaper than reshooting the whole scene and is intended to not be noticed by eagled-eyed viewers such as yourself.

    EDIT - another example is in the episode of Futurama 'I Room mate' when Bender and Fry are pushed out of the building on the couch. On the commentary the producer explains the action wasn't sufficient on its own and so got the actor playing Hermes to record the line "we'll bill you for the couch" despite the cartoons lips not moving.

  • winnie
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    I don't know who 'Allie' is, but the answer to your question is 'poor editing'.

    Edit: Nobody asked 'What movie is dat', and the answer is still 'poor editing'. Don't know how much clearer I can make it for you.

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    The entire film is edited together...picture first then sound added. Most of the time they match up, occasionally they do not

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    some times, during editing, they have people come in & dub their voices or voice overs

    also, sometimes they may have said it with another shot, but they took the sound clip in editing

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    Science Certificate awarded to you

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    perhapes he was thinking it

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    yeah dunno who the hell noah is, or alli or the boy.

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