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At what point do you decide to put your cat to sleep?

My 18 y/o cat that was appx 9 lbs healthy is appx 4 llbs now. Every vertebrae is palpable. I smell cancer with every exhale. (I'm a hospice nurse). He still eats, drinks and sits on my lap and purrs at times. He doesn't always find the litterbox anymore. He is blind and gets lost and I find him everywhere looking for something. He looks like one of those toys that hits a wall, moves back, and hits another wall. It would be funny, if it weren't so sad. When I try to redirect him, I feel his bones creak to where it is Gross almost. He is so fragile. He is so noncomplaining and lovable. How can I let go? I know it is almost time. I guess he has to completely quit eating. What are your thoughts?

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    Cats not only purr due to pleasure, they purr when in distress. I can, immediately, think of eight cats who became, irretrievably, ill at18 and one of them, as yours, had lost half its' body weight - their owners had them put to sleep (one is a DVM friend - three cats were hers).

    As a hospice nurse, you know cancer isn't 'comfortable' to live with and I hope you're asking this, detailed, question because you wish to have an honest opinion and, also, because you know it's 'time' but can't muster the courage to do what, in your heart, you know you should. God did not allow this animal to come into your life bearing a tag which said, "Here to satisfy your needs" - the tag said, "Love me and be kind to me". Try to imagine yourself blind, cancerous, in pain (without a morphine pump) and half your body weight. I've said 'farewell' to 10 cats during the past 48 years and still have the scars.

    As many times as my heart has been wounded when I've had to have a pet put to sleep, I know God created them with a life-span shorter than mine so I would be able to care for more than a few while I'm here.

    As you're emotionally unable to bring your cat in, ask the veterinarian to make a house-call so you can hold him and fall apart in the privacy of your home.

    Source(s): Retired vet-tech - husband is retired veterinarian.
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    This is the hardest thing to face. I have to agree that you will know when the right time has come. You are aware that the end is in sight and you should cherish the time you have left with him. You could try to heat some of his canned food a few seconds in the mirowave to bring the smell out or offer something from the past that he adores such as tuna fish. If he has in fact stopped eating for good, you may want to stay with him and be able to take him to the hospital if there are any further changes. If you notice labored breathing or pain, then you know the time has come. I am so very sorry that you will not have him much longer, but I think you have given him a wonderful life and you have the memories of him that will stay in your heart forever.

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    My cat has had precisely an analogous difficulty for 6 years. maximum breakfasts and a million/3 of dinners, no remember what I supply her and how some distance remote from the different cat I feed her. and that i've got on occasion had to blame suggestions whilst cleansing fish vomit out of my mattress room carpet which seems to be her place of determination even although something of the home is tiled! It makes me wanna scream!!! I tell ya... each so often i extremely hate her for some hours. you do no longer could desire to positioned her down in any respect. I in basic terms feed my vomity lady on the decrease back porch those days. She does her ingredient (and often eats it lower back), then she desires to return interior. i develop into frightened approximately this simply by fact i like my cats to stay often indoors and develop into nerve-racking she'd run yet she hardly does. It retains the peace. you ought to objective feeding her outdoors on a leash, in a great cage or contained in the bathing room. After a million/2 hour the tummy is settled in the event that they have not thrown up. Edit - why the thumbs down? I empathised and shared my very own troubling adventure and presented some useful information. this isn't any longer ordinary living with a superbly healthful yet vomity cat once you adore them however the vets supply no ideas! I comprehend honey, don't sense to blame, you will detect a answer.

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    When the quality of their live is more important than the quantity of their life. My cat Murray had diabetes, he was 13 and he was losing weight, pooping and peeing all over the house and just not happy. My mom put him to sleep because he was in pain, because he was not living a good life anymore. My cat B.Favre who is almost 10 has a heart murmur. I choose not to put him on meds because no one can tell me how this will lengthen his life. They tell me he will need weekly blood tests because the medicine can kill him. His quality of life, no pills, no side affects or visible pain from the murmur, is more important to me. If I see he is suffering, I would do anything possible to save his life, no matter the cost.

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    my friend's cat had the same problem. the cat was 18 years old as well. he was very slow, blind, and he could not walk. when they took him to the vet, the vet informed them that he was going through a lot of pain every step he took. they decided to put him to sleep. im so sorry for your cat, but the best thing to do would be to end his pain peacefully. he will be much happier and will be in a happy place :).

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    I think you will know when it is time. Just remember your cat won't ever hate you for it or anything like that.. there is no need to feel guilty about it at all.. I guess when the cat would be happier in kitty heaven, is the time you should do it.

    All the best. x

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    you put your cat to sleep when the quality of life he has is so low that you know he's in pain,and no amount of medicine will make him better. it sounds like he's at that point. as the lady above said, he'll understand,and be grateful that you love him so much that you're able to let him pass over the Rainbow Bridge. we had a cat that one of our neighbors found, we named him Baby Boi. he was only w/us for 3 days, but God, we were *so* in love w/him. he was so tired,he couldn't stand up, yet when we held him he purred and loved on us. he didn't eat much,and was it was in obvious pain. The vet took one look at him and said "either feline leukemia or FIV,either way, he'll have no quality of life".i said goodbye to him(my life partner was too beside herself w/grief to stay in the room), and he looked at me w/a look in his eyes that told me i was making too big a fuss, that he was ready to go.he licked my hand one last time,and nuzzled it, purring the whole time. when i knew he was ready,so was i. i won't say letting go won't will,and tremendously so. but know this, your friend knew you loved him,and only wanted the best for him. sometimes w/animals, as w/ppl, death is a mercy. the shot is painless,and they drift off to sleep,waking up over the Rainbow Bridge, young and painfree again,ready to play, eat,and bask in the sun. you'll see him again,never to be parted. Good luck,and all my thoughts, prayers,and positive energy is yours.

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    When its suffering, it will be much easier to put it to sleep, rather than finding it laying next to you dead when you wake up in the morning. At least putting the cat to sleep is painless

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    Whatever you feel most comfortable with, usually they make it clear and tell you, or show you, that they know it's time. I remember with my dog right before he died he gave me this look of reassurance that it would all be ok, and that it was his time, and he had this look in his eyes, that it was time, I haven't had it with cats yet, mine died naturally.

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    I don't think it is time yet. If he's not in pain and not making messes around the house, then you shouldn't put him down.

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