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Is this show still on the air?!?

i love the show "The Winx Club", and i know what you're gonna say, "if i'm old enough to be on yahoo answers i should grow up and start watching older people shows" or whatever, but honestly, i don't care! Plus, i don't think you have to be a certain age to enjoy a certain thing! i love this show and i'm wandering if it is coming out with a 4th season, if you can help me PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE DO!!!!!!!!

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    Yes, there will be a Season 4 of the Winx Club for 2009.

    "It was revealed at the Licensing Show 2008 in New York that Winx will return for a 4th season in 2009, along with a 2nd movie slated for Christmas that year."-Winx Club Wikipedia page

    Also, the second source I put down actually has PICTURES!!! It seems that the girls get new transformations, similar to the enchantix but less frilly, and smaller wings, and the girls get tiny pigtails. This has many confused because the original Winx plot of all 3 seasons are resolved, even in the movie, so I don't know how they could have gotten new transformations because in the third season it clearly stated that the Enchantix would be the last transformation they'd get to becoming a True Full Fledged Fairy.

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