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NEED DENTAL PLAN. 26 yrs old. Need affordable and ASAP coverage?

I just need a few cavities filled and I don't have an employee dental plan. I'm 26 and am on a very tight budget. I can't wait for a long waiting period before using a plan. I need/prefer immediate coverage (or coverage w/n one month or maybe 2). In other words - before the cavities get BAD i need to get them filled ASAP.

What's the best out there? AARP, eHEALTH, ASURANT HEALTH, what else???


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    You might want to try "Care Credit" they offer financing (often interest free) for dental work. It would probably be the fastest solution to your problem. I have seen many people get approved for their services even on a small income. I'm sure there are other companies out there as well, I've just only dealt with them. Also, you might check with Delta Dental to see if you can get an individual policy, but I don't know how long it would take for them to process everything, and still, they only pay a percentage, so you may still want to check out a finance option. Good luck!

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    Depends on the state you live in. Many states offer great services for people with no insurance. Florida doesn't have too great of those services I have heard. MN and WI have decent plans. With NIP in MN you can go to the dentist for $50, cheaper than having dental insurance for half of a year by far. I am sure fillings cost more, but maybe still cheaper than full on insurance. Just gotta look into your state health programs. Just do a search online.

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    Easiest thing to do is find an office that will work with you on a payment plan. With insurance, if you could find anything affordable, it would be at least a three month wait and by then you might need root canals. The insurance company would not like that.

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    I would strongly encourage you to visit this great site: www.healthsavings.ourperfectcard.com I signed up online over 5 years ago now and they have saved me thousands on all services. From extractions, xrays, exams, bridges...etc. all services are included in this very affordable plan. Even my braces. All pre existing conditions are accepted. They even had my benefits active in 2 hours and was able to use it the very same day. good luck and hope this helps

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