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    THE RAINMAKER (1997).


    Q:**************** direct of plaintiff's mother**************

    Bailiff: Do you solemnly swear the testimony you are about to give in this cause will be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?

    A: Yes I do.

    Bailiff: You may take the stand.

    Judge: Please state your name for the record.

    A: Mrs. Marjorie Black

    Q: Now, Mrs. Black, you are the mother of Donny Ray Black, who recently died of Acute Mycyclitic Leukemia, because the defendant, Great Benefit--

    Def. Atty: Objection. Leading.

    Judge: Sustained.

    Q: Your son, Donny Ray, needed an operation--

    Def. Atty: Objection, leading.

    Judge: Sustained.

    Q: Mrs. Black did you purchase this medical policy because you were concerned about medical care for your son--

    Def. Atty: Objection. I'm sorry, your honor. Leading.

    Judge: Mr. Baylor. Why don't you show her the policy and ask her why she bought it?

    Q: Okay. (Baylor walks up to the witness box.)

    Judge: Mr. Baylor. You must ask to approach the witness.

    Pl. Atty: Sorry, your honor. (Laughter from the Great Benefit lawyers.) Permission to approach the witness.

    Judge: You may.


    (In the background, a slide of the deceased with the words "Stupid, stupid, stupid" enlarged over it.)

    Pl. Atty: Read it again.

    Def. Atty: Objection. Repetitious, your Honor.

    Judge: Sustained.

    ************** Cross ***********.

    Def. Atty (to Baylor) Please remove that exhibit.

    Q: Mrs. Black, why did you sue Great Benefits for 10 million dollars?

    A: Is that all?

    Q: I beg your pardon?

    A: I thought it was more than that.

    Q: Is that so?

    A: Yes sir, your client has about a billion dollars and your client killed my son. I wanted to sue for a whole lot more.

    Q: What would you do with the money if this jury awards you 10 million dollars? What you gonna do with the money?

    A: I'm going to give it to the American Leukemia Society, every cent. I don't want a dime of your stinking money.

    Def. Atty: You realize you are under oath, Mrs. Black. Approach the witness, your honor?

    Judge: You may.

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    失控的陪審團(Runaway Jury)




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