how do you celebrate Hannukah?

This will be my first year celebrating Hanukkah and I want to know what I need to get and what the traditions are and are their any songs?....what do you eat?.....where do you get a Menorah? :)

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    First of all, you can get a menorah anywhere. Target, Walmart, sears, etc. Usually at the holiday or celebrations aisle's. Second, we light the menorah one more candle each day then the day we did before. Also, my family makes Latkes. Which is basically like a potato pancake. It sounds kinda strange but its really yummy.

    Recipe here:

    We usually sing traditional songs sung in Hebrew, but heres a song about Hanukkah that is not: (first one on the left)

    Also, as a tradition, we play the sevivon (dreidle) a few times each year. here are the instructions:

    Game One


    1 Dreidel

    A bunch of small items to act as counters. Raisins, pretzel sticks, M&M's, chocolate coins, beans.

    Game Play:

    · Divide the counters equally among the players.

    · Every player contributes one counter into a central pile. This becomes the "pot."

    · Players spin the dreidel in turn and contribute or collect items from the pot based upon which letter faces up when the dreidel stops its spin.

    נ- Nun - Nisht - the player collects nothing from the pot.

    ג- Gimmel - Gantz - the player gets it all.

    ה- Hey - Halb - The player collects half of the pot.

    ש- Shin - Shtel - The player sets one of his own items into the pot.


    The player who gains the most items wins.

    I hope i helped! :)

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    menorah, you can find anywhere. Micheals, Sears, Target, wherever.

    Potato Latkas and Matzo Ball Soup is really really good.

    Traditions could be singing dredal songs.

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    Free lectures, videos and MP3's about the laws, meaning and significance of Hanukka:,,

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    just buy a bunch of booze and you're set!

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