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Question about dotted notes?

So on a sheet of a music lets says the first note is a dotted quarter note, would i just count it as 1 and? Also if it is placed somewhere else how do i count it? Like if it were on the 2nd beat.

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    A dot adds one half of the notes original value to the entire note. In 4/4 time, a dotted quarter note would be counted (from beat one) as

    "One and Two" - (and three and four and)

    One the second beat it would be

    (one and) "Two and Three" - (and four and)

    on the And of one

    (one) - "And Two And" - (three and four and)

    But it would be unusual to see a dotted quarter note on the second beat since there is an informal division of beat between Half of any measure. It is not universally recognized, but generally accepted that there should be a break between the first and second half of any measure.

    In 6/8 time however, a dotted half note would be counted

    1, 2, 3

    since the eighth note gets one beat.

    The main thing to remember about the dot is that it adds one half of the value to the note it is attached to.

    In 4/4 time

    Dotted Whole note = 4(note) + 2(dot) or 6 beats

    Dotted half note = 2 (half note +1(dot or three beats

    Dotted Quarter note = 1(Quarter note) plus 1/2(dot) or 1+1/2 beats

    Dotted Eighth note + 1/2(Eighth note plus 1/4(dot) or 3/4 of a beat

    In 6/8 Time

    Dotted Half Note = 4(note) + 2(dot) or 6 beats (one full measure)

    Dotted Quarter Note = 2(note) +1(dot) or 3 beats (one half measure)

    Hope this helps

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    yeah. a dotted quarter on the first beat is 1 and

    if the measure begins with a quarter note and the second note is a dotted quarter, then the sequence is 1, 2 and

    Source(s): father is a professor of music
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