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Buddhists - How close can we find the devil(Mara) and where?

How far is the devil (mara)?

Where to find it ?

And where to beat it?

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    Mara isn't considered by most Buddhists to be a demon in the literal sense. It is a metaphor for all of the attachments and temptations that keep us from attaining enlightenment. It's not even as strong as a "devil". It's more of an imp. A distraction. An inconvenience.

    Where to find it? It's all around you!

    How to beat it? Follow the eightfold path.

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    Mara is all around us in terms of our potential to recognize things as real/permanent and not illusory/transient. Mara lies within ourselves and within the culture of "materialism" you can argue. And to find it and defeat it is to look within yourself and within the world and see it as it truly is.

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    Why mess with finding out how close the devil is?

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