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How often should I feed my dog?

The expert told me to skip a day then feed him once. Then skip another day.


hes a skinny chihuahua

Update 2:

I feed him freely. He never gets fat.

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    The "expert"? THE ONLY reason I would consider that feeding pattern would be if the dog was acting spoiled and finicky. If the dog was to insist on people food and turn up a nose at kibble I would wait him out...hunger will cure finicky behaviors...

    Feed your dog enough that it can eat well in a short period, some say 5-10 mins. per day, some people say two short meals a day are also acceptable. I suggest basing the time needed by watching the weight of the animal, and the speed that it eats. Some dogs are just slower eaters, others horke the chow down like each meal is the last. dont encourage too fast of eating, but certainly dont leave food out all day if you have a dog that overeats.

    I feed my two pups (1 and 1 1/2 years) twice a day what they can eat in a reasonable amount of time. I watch their weight and they are not skinny nor are they packing on any spare is very very unhealthy for a dog to get fat at any age...

    It depends on what you are feeding, pick the right size food too, food bites are actually designed to be just big enough to be eaten and chewed, but not too small to be eaten whole nor too large preventing them from being easily broken up...

    and as others will invariably mention:

    quality food will reduce the amount needing to be eaten and thus reduce the frequesncy as well as the time needing to be spent eating...

    its basically simple math - garbage in = garbage out...... if you feed em "cheapo kibble" you will you will have to feed them more often for them to get the nutrients they need. theres a bell curve for food value, pick something that is good but still "affordable"

    junky food is usually mostly fillers. seriously, you dont need food byproducts that are nearly inert material in your dogs diet, you will be shoveling more in the yard. pick the best food you can afford to feed, and your dog will assimilate more of it lessening the amount you will shovel later. avoid corn based foods...that is a whole lecture in itself.

    That individual was an "expert" in what? If I fed my dogs one every other day they would eat the wallpaper to get the paste....

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    You might be talking about a raw food diet... I think thats fad BS. I would not ever use a fad diet, nor a fad routine like that. You dont know what harm you're causing besides its unpleasant for the dog. The best way to feed is the recommended amount, split into two times per day. Breakfast and dinner.

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    What expert was that? A dog should be fed every day either once or twice a day depending on how you have his feeding routine set up. Dogs like humans, need food and water daily to remain in good health.

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    I have 3 dogs and i feed them twice a day, morning and night, 2 small feeds and they are quite happy with that

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  • You dont skip a day feeding your dog. would you skip a day feeding yourself? That supposed expert made no sense. You should at least feed your dog once or twice a day. I feed my dogs breakfast so they have food in their system for energy throughout the day. And then i finish with dinner at around 6:00pm

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    I don't know who you go to but you should feed your dog everyday. How would you like to eat every other day. Be a good pet owner and feed and give your dog treats and love, he will pay you back with his love.

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    No wonder he is skinny.

    A small dog like that should have some in the morning and some at night.

    There should also be directions on the bag of food you feed them.

    Amount of food, is by weight, and which food, is by age.

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    i feed my dog once a day with water and hard food that keeps ur dog a just the right size.

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    Is your dog morbidly obese? Don't skip a day.

    I typically feed twice a day..the amount of food depends on the type of dog.

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    what kind of expert told you this? i have small dogs with a lot of energy so i feed the 2 small meals a day. if you feed a large dog a huge meal every other day you run the risk of bloat which is a life threatening emergency.

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