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What diseases can/cannot be passed from humans to animals and vice versa?

I do believe that the cold and flu viruses can be passed to dogs and cats, am I correct? What about everything else like certain diseases...specifically hepetitis, aids, anything contagious from human to human.... say for example if a bird bites a human who has hepititis, can the bird get it then pass it on to another human if they bite another human?

i understand there is a very wide range of both diseases and animals, but could you please just share what you know specifically? thanks

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    I"am not sure we humans can pass any to animals but there is several animals can pass to us.Dogs cats sheep cows pigs horses goats snakes fish and wild animals as well.

    From animals to humans==

    From cats:

    Cat scratch fever=bacterial

    Plague=a rare bacterial



    Hook worms= parasitic

    Q fever=bacterial

    Ring worm=fungal

    Tape worm= parasitic

    From dogs:



    Lyme disease=bacterial


    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever= ticks bacterial

    From birds; Coccosis= fungal

    Salmonella= bacterial

    From Reptiles:

    Salmonella =bacterial

    From Horses:

    Leptospira = baterial


    Farm animals:

    BSE ( mad cow)



    Q fever= bacterial cows,sheep,goats

    Brucellacains= bacterial

    From Fish:

    Salmonella= from water

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