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how do you connect two scenes of yarn while crocheting?

i'm doing he normal crochet. haha i'm not sue what it's called but it's the normal way. thank you for helping and answering!

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    How you join the two skeins depends on several things:

    1. If you are at the end of a row, just drop the old yarn and pick up the new. Later you will work in the loose ends, either by threading the yarn into a tapestry needle and weaving it in or by working it into the fabric with the crochet hook.

    2. If you are in the middle of a row and the pattern will permit it, you can use the same method as at the end of a row. If the join will show in the middle of the row, you can use the Russian join (that machine knitters use).

    You can find instructions for the Russian join at these web sites:

    Tying a knot is likely to produce an obvious join. Most crocheters and knitters will cut knots that are already in commercial skeins of yarn to avoid having a knot in their work and use an "invisible" join in their work.

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    You would never never ever tie a knot in knitting, but crochet isn't as fussy about perfection! LOL

    (I was sure bamboozled by what a "scene" had to do with yarn!! But I got it now.)

    Miz T has some good suggestions. If you are using wool, or most any other animal fibre, you can use the old-fashioned spit-splice ; it sure works well!! It is nearly impossible to see the join in your work.

    Sometimes it's possible to just hold two yarns together, the beginning and the end, for a few inches, and just work them as one. You get a bit of thickness, but most yarns can squish together quite well so as not to be bothersome.

    But I've spliced the yarn quite often to get the perfect joining of yarns. It's really the best one, I think.

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    I have saw my mum put the two yarn ends on the fire heating. and then pinch them together before it cooling down.

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    you just tie a knot connecting the two together

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