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Please read this. I need help and don't know what to do. I am so sad too...?

Please help me! I don't know what to do. Anybody!!!?

I was in Europe to see a guy that I love very much...?

I got to see him once and I told him how I feel about him. I am 22 and he is 32(he looks like 24 or something). We know each other for about two years. He said he has a girlfriend but they keep arguing and fighting, so it's telling me he doesn't really want to be with her. He works in a cruise liner ship because that's is the only job he could find. I was holding my feelings in for so long and now I broke out in tears in front of him and telling him that I really love him. I have been trying to bring it to him slowly. I called him the night before and that is when I broke out in tears because I waited for him to tell me when we could meet like agreed but, his job would not allow him some time off like not even one day, he is in that ship the whole year. He said that there's not really any chance we would be together, the next day we talked alittle and we hugged and he kissed me (on the cheek), and said let's stay friends for now. I agreed and still in tears. He tried to get me to stop crying, but it was very difficult for me and feels unbearable inside because I still love him. I only got to see him for like 3 hours before he had to go to work at the port. My parents were there with me as well. I asked him to come and see us in the U.S., and he looked excited at my parents and smiled at me. He has the nicest smile and green eyes and medium brown hair. We all went on a small trip to see him. He told me parents " if anything should change I will let ya'll know". We told him we were leaving a week later. I haven't heard from him since then. What do I do? I feel like my future is like a big zero. I don't know what to do. At the end he tells me "Move on and continue with your life". So were friends now and I still get to talk to him. But all this is confusing me. Should I excpect and move or response from him? Should I wait? But the more I wait the more I cry and feel helpless.

Help me with as much advice as possible please. Thanks.

I still love him and dream about him and think about him everyday. I gave him gifts that day I saw him. My parents tell me to move on. I feel so depressed too. I try to put a fake smile on but usually it doesn't work. Do you think I might have a slight chance of ever being with him?

I forgot to mention, when I first saw him I felt like it was love at first sight and it feels extremely strong and now I am hurting and crying w/ pain and bitterness inside.

I sent him so many text sms messages. He doesn't know how to write back though. But I said to my parents " I don't care if he's 32. Love doesn't have and age."

I see lots of other couples together out on the streets, and I get jealous and sad and cry cause I pictured to be holding him and holding his hand.

I went there only to see him. Nothing else. I went there with such happiness and excitement and left with (half a heart) and saddness. I had patience for so long now it has grown everso very thin. If any at all.

A lot of stuff I wanted to tell him so much but I forgot that day and also my parents we in front so I only got to say like half the things I wanted him to know. To talk to him on the phone now is hard because I have to wake up at 4 a.m. so it is 12p.m. there to talk before he starts working at 1p.m. Greece time.

More answers please!

Thanks, any answer is appreciated.


Another thing is since we live two far away, he's only called me at home once, and I call using long distance, so most of the time has been me calling instead of him. And alot of times he didn't call is because his job in a cruise ship, since the sail in many areas, his cell phone has no signal and sometimes there is a bad connection. I get lucky sometimes and able to talk to him for a little when he reaches a port.

It hurts so much. I feel like I'll never be happy. I have fallen in love with like two other guys in the past but this time is was the strongest ever and appearantly something that is not going to go anywhere. I cry like everyday just thinking about him and it won't stop. The pain is killing my heart inside.

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    I'm sorry to hear that you have to go through this. I have a similar story. Almost 3 years ago from today I met this girl on a cruise. I liked her so much and she liked me too. Unfortunately, even though the cruise was a week long, I didn't meet her until the final day. So we pretty much only had one day to spend time together. It was great. We literally spent about 2 hours looking out toward the sunset talking and getting to know each other. It wasn't love since we just met but there was definitely a connection. Then it was time for us to head back to our rooms. We hugged each other goodbye because it was the last day of the cruise. What sucks is that she lives in Nevada and I live in Michigan. So that really made me feel hopeless about seeing her again. When I finally got home from the airport, it just hit me so hard. I was so sad and I missed her so much. We kept in touch and talked at least every other day. She admitted she liked me too and that was a great feeling to know that. However, the fact that we were so far apart from each other just killed all the positive feelings. After keeping in touch for about 6 months, she was preparing to go on another cruise with her family in the summer. That just made me feel like crap for some reason. We got into an argument and she told me some dark secrets about her past. I was in disbelief about the things she had done. I was heartbroken for the first time in my life. I didn't get over it until about 2 months but still, to this day it hurts just a little. We usually talk once a month. However, we both moved on with our lives. She got boyfriends and I got girlfriends. I think that all of this just goes to show that time will heal our sorrow. I was so positive that we'd see each other again but now it's unlikely and I bet if we did, it would be as if we just met for the first time again because we both have been through new experiences within the last 3 years.

    I think that you should probably just wait for him to talk to you. I honestly can't say whether or not if you two will see each other again, but I know it's possible to keep in touch. To be realistic, you'll have to realize sooner or later that you need to live without him since he's gone for now. He must carry on as well. It's going to be rough dealing with this but if you be patient and try not to fall so madly in love with him, then time will make you feel better. Life is too short to be depressed. Right now, I think you should find another guy to talk to. Trust me, it will help you forget about him and it will give you more hope in the future. There are soooo many guys out there. I promise you'll find someone and when you do, you'll be happy because you'll finally be with that person. So please, be happy and live your life right now. He has to do the same. You two can still talk of course but I think the best thing for you would to be to look for other guys. No matter what, everything will turn out ok. I promise you will be happy again no matter who you end up with. Stay hopeful and be happy! Ok?

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