WHat are some japanese words or sayings that really come in handy?

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Not the ones everyone knows like Konnichi wa, or Ohayou Gozaimasu, or Arigato Gozaimasu...stuff that is actually used very often, but are not the super basics...thanks!
Update : im from canada too^^
Update 2: im from canada too^^
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{{Asking for Directions. Etc.}}

Where are you from?
::Anata no shusshin wa doko desu ka?

What is your nationality?
::Anata no kokuseki wa doko desu ka?

May I have a map?
::Chizu wo morae masu ka?

Excuse me. May I ask you a question?// Excuse me. May I ask you for directions?
::Sumimasen, chotto o-tazune shimasu.

Where is______?
::_______wa doko desu ka?


My name is .
::Watashi no namae wa ______desu

What's your name?
::Anata wa nan to iu namae desu ka?

{{If you're trying to explain you can not speak Japanese}}

I don't understand Japanese.
::Nihon-go wa wakari masen.

I don't understand.
::Wakari masen.

I can't speak Japanese.
::Watashi wa nihon-go ga hanase masen.

Do you speak English?
::Anata wa ei-go ga hanase masu ka?


11-juu ichi
12-juu ni
13-juu san
14-juu shi
15-juu go
16-juu roku
17-juu shichi
18-juu hachi
19-juu kyuu
20-ni juu

{{Making requests}}

Excuse me. May I ask you a question?
::Sumimasen, chotto o-tazune shimasu.

Please tell me how to use it.
::Tsukai-kata wo oshiete kudasai.

Would you do me a favor?//May I ask you a favor?//Can I ask you a favor?
::O-negai ga aru no desuga.

Can I leave a message?
::Dengon wo onegai deki masu ka?

Wait a minute, please.
::Chotto matte kudasai.







Who is he?
::Kare wa dare desu ka?

Where are you going?
::Anata wa doko e iki masu ka?

How have you been?
::Saikin dou desu ka?





thunder, lightning

fog, mist


{{Things to say when you are in trouble}}

What do you think I should do?
::Dou sureba iidesu ka?

Somebody! Help!
::Dareka tasukete!.

{{Days of the week}}








{{Personal Questions}}

How old are you?
::Anata wa nan-sai desu ka?

Where do you live?
::Anata wa doko ni sunde imasu ka?

How many people are in your family?
::Anata no kazoku wa nan-nin desu ka?

What's you job/occupation?
::Anata wa nan no shigoto wo shite imasu ka?

Could you tell me your address?
::Anata no juusho wo oshiete morae masu ka?


You are beautiful.
::Anata wa utsukushii.

You are smart.
::Anata wa atama ga ii.

You are a good cook.
::Anata wa ryouri ga jouzu desu ne.

That hairstyle suits you.
::Sono kamigata wa anata ni niatte masu yo.

You did a great job!
::Anata wa ii shigoto wo shimashita ne!

{{Asking for the time}}

What time is it now?
::Ima nan-ji desu ka?

What time does it start?
::Nan-ji ni hajimari masu ka?

What time is breakfast?
::Choushoku wa nan-ji desu ka?

What time are you coming back?
::Nan-ji ni modotte ki masu ka?

What time does it close?
::Nan-ji ni shimari masu ka?

Phew o.o
Hope that helps you
Sorry if its too long >.<

Bye :)
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  • broken_and_faded answered 5 years ago
    Hi, i'm a canadian but, i spent 3 months in japan. some useful phrases that helped me out...

    ikimasu = shall we go?

    daijoubu = it's okay

    daijobu desu yo = no problem

    anatano ego wa totemo jouzu desu = your english is very good

    (Japanese love to be told this... it's a nice thing to say, a lot are interested in learning the language.)

    Watashino egao wa warui desu = my japanese is bad

    gomen = sorry

    gomenasai = really sorry

    sumimasen = excuse me (very polite)

    toire wa doko desu ka = where is the toilet

    kore wa nan desu ka = what is this? (you can point)

    egao ga hanasemasu ka = can you speak english?

    watashino namae wa ____ desu = my name is ____

    kirei = beautiful (you can use this a lot)

    kawaii = cute

    kowaii = scarey (be careful, they are similar but mean opposite things)

    kaite kuremasen ka = could you please write it down?

    Numbers =

    ichi = 1
    ni = 2
    san = 3
    yon = 4
    go = 5
    roku = 6
    nana = 7
    hachi = 8
    kyuu = 9
    jyuu = 10


    jyuu ichi = 11
    jyuu go = 15
    jyuu kyuu =19

    there's a pattern, easy

    20 - 30

    ni jyuu ichi = 21
    ni jyuu go = 25

    20-99 is a pattern too, very simple... say you want 54...its like saying, five ten four...or go jyuu yon.

    Other things:

    sai = age


    Watashino sai wa ni jyuu desu = I am 20 years old.


    atsui = hot

    samui = cold (temperature)

    tsumetai = cold (to the touch)

    matta ne = bye

    ja ne = bye

    okarada wo taisetsu ni = please take care of yourself (not widely used, but very polite)

    chotto matte = one moment

    chotto matte o kudasai = one moment please

    o onegaishemasu = also means, please.

    I know a lot more but I can't really think of specifics, if you want more help you can email me at forgotten888@hotmail.com

    Hope it helps you


    3 months in japan, japanese friends
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