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Israel weather i want to now?

hey do you people of the universe could know what weather is like in Israel.

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    Israel is located, between 29°-33° north of the equator, which is characterized as a subtropical region, between the temperate zone and the tropical zone. The northern and coastal regions of Israel show Mediterranean climate characterized by hot and dry summers and cool rainy winters. Whereas the southern and eastern areas of Israel are characterized by an arid climate.

    The rainy season extends from October to early May, and rainfall peaks in December through February. Rainfall varies considerably by regions from the North to the South. Highest rainfall is observed in the North and center parts of the country and decreases in the southern part of Israel, from the Negev Desert to Eilat where rainfall is negligible.

    Heavy snow falls only in the northernmost part of Golan Heights where the Mount Hermon summit (2,224 m above sea level) remains generally snow covered from December to March. In other parts of the country snow is observed rarely.

    The city of Eilat, located at the southernmost point of Israel and at the northern tip of Red Sea, has a good climate for beach holidays all year round.

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    I have lived in Jerusalem during the winter. The weather is rainy and last year it snowed twice, once with actual accumulation. People went nuts, cuz many had not seen snow in years.

    It was amazing!

    Here are some pics:

    Jerusalem is very hot in the summertime, despite it being up in the mountains. The wind does help bring some relief though.

    In Tel Aviv, the weather is more humid but typically warmer. No snow has been there in several decades.

    In the summer it is very very humid and nasty hot.

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    Although I do love Israel, I care more about the weather where I'm living now. (Some snow on the ground in the '30's) This is not a radio transmission so I doubt you will reach your target audience anytime soon.

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    Well, having lived in the ME for quite some time I am guessing it is pretty hot and sunny most of the year. I am guessing they do a pretty good trade in sunblock as most Eastern Europeans burn quite easily

    And actually, the Golan heights isn't part of Israel, it is stolen land, so if you want to know what the weather is like in Syria you might repost that question in another section if your really interested in that.

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    Wouldn't go as far as saying the people who use this section are '' people of the universe '' as you state lol. :D.

    Go to google.

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