Whole story of The Legend of Zelda and Metriod?

Ok so i might get Twilight Princess and Metriod 3 for wii and im wondering whats the story behind them.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    LOZ -- many years ago 2 triforces existed as well as 3 fairies who created and looked over them. Ganon stole them and link tries to find them and keep them safe. there have been around 10 or so games made in this series.

    Metroid -- the world was invaded by aliens and Samus Arun went to find and destroy them. mother brain is the baddest boss in the game. there have been at least 5 or so installments in this series.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Twilight princess follows the story on Hyrule, a while after Ocarina of Time, you play as Link trying to recover the world of Hyrule from being consumed by Zant's evil magic... but the twist is... play it, it's real good.

    MP3 follows prime 2 after a bit while, as Samus and her allies are fighting some space pirates, they get ambushed by Dark Samus and she gets infected with Phazon and Samus' allies disappear so the Federation sends her on a mission to find them again; some people say it's a good game but I am yet to play it.

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