Can PS3 play PS2 games? And which should I get as a gift a PS3 or an Xbox for Christmas?

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    you are better off getting a ps3 because...

    - ps3 has a built-in blu-ray player

    -ps3 supports 1.3 HDMI which has rich colors and xbox supports 1.2 HDMI

    - ps3 has much more and better exclusives, most of them cant go to xbox 360 because it cant handle that many data(DVD- 8.5gb, blu-ray 50gb)

    - because of the blu-ray's huge space, ps3 will have WAY better graphics than 360

    - online is free for ps3 not like 360

    - you can browse the internet on ps3, no such thing for xbox 360

    - when developers get used to the system, the graphics will be WAY better than 360. should take them a year to get used to it

    - developers stated that they will start using ps3 as the lead platform and port ps3 games to xbox

    - playstation home, its a virtual community where you can hang out with friends and customize your own apartment which xbox doesnt have(FREE)

    - ps3 is a true HD console. xbox 360 upscale games to 1080p and ps3 DISPLAY games up to 1080p

    - built in Wi-Fi

    - xbox 360: 33% hardware failure

    ps3: .2% hardware failure(see the decimal? less than 1%!)

    - you can upgrade your harddrive without voiding warranties with any 2.5 HDD, which xbox cant because you have to buy a xbox HDD

    (they actually have the step by step on how to upgrade it on

    those are the ones that i know right off my mind but there are much more reason than this

    Now I want you to do me a favor, list all the reasons why xbox is better than ps3. I PROMISE you that nobody will get at least 5 reasons

    Prices as of today:

    160gb ps3 $499.99(with uncharted drakes fortune)

    80gb: $399

    xbox 360(premium)- $299.99

    (elite)- $399.99

    if you want the accessories that ps3 comes with, that would add up to over 650 dollars for a xbox 360, so that means ps3 is actually cheaper

    Let's compare PS3 and XBOX 360:

    1). A third of XBOX 360 (33%) are malfunctioning right from the start. PS3 return rate is only around 0.2%. Despite some people say, that new 360 has no breakdown issues - just visit Xbox section of Yahoo answers and see for yourself an amount of complaints.

    2). PS3 has 8 (7+1) kernels in Cell processor, Xbox 360 -only 3.

    3). PS3 uses advanced tech called Blu-Ray, one disc can store up to 54 gb (in the future - up to 200 gb), Xbox 360 - regular dual layer DVD-9 (8.5GB). It's possible to get HD-DVD (max. - 30GB) for 360, but it'll cost you around 180$, in this case Xbox is going to be MUCH more expensive, than PS3.

    4). Calculations per sec - PS3 - 51-billion-dot-product-operati... per second

    Xbox 360 - 33.6-billion-dot-product-opera... per second

    5). PS3 has full media support - USBs, built-in 4 slots card reader (except 20GB and 40GB versions), ability to use printer and so on.

    Xbox 360 has USBs and only 2 memory slots.

    6). PS3 supports up to 7 Bluetooth Controllers

    Xbox 360 - up to 4 Controllers

    7). PS3 - wi-fi included (except 20 gb version)

    Xbox 360 - wi-fi will cost you around 100 $

    8). Graphics are stronger in PS3, due to RSX chip, that was developed by Nvidia exclusively for PS3. RSX runs on 550 Mhz. It's difficult to compare their graphics chips, because 360 has a video chip with totally different structure and operating memory is divided differently in both consoles. However, PS3 exclusives look better than 360's exclusives.

    9). PS3 uses technology from AGEIA company. It does to physics of the game same thing GPU (videocard processor) does to graphics. This thing is on sale for PC(special card). The price is around 350$. There is no such thing in 360.

    10). Xbox 360 is widely known for so-called "red ring of death" problem - it gets overheated easily. My PS3 was running for more than 15 hours non-stop with no problems. Sometimes Xbox 360 becomes so overheated, that thermopaste on CPU melts, drips on motherboard and successfully shortcircuits it. That's why in some countries people call Xbox 360 "Coffin 360".

    11). Besides all of this, I've seen disassembled Xbox 360 - regular PC architecture - Billy Gates is an uninventive nerd (as usual).

    When I saw disassembled PS3 - it was a surprise - smart architecture, good cooling (don't buy external PS3 coolers - they make everything worse - original system is good), etc.

    12). In 2008 PS3 will get more than 300 games, including Metal Gear Solid 4, The Agent and other great exclusives. Here is the good link to the future PS3 releases.

    13). PS3 online is free, Xbox 360 - you have to pay.

    14). There were reports, that 360 scratches discs. No reports on that in PS3.

    15). The funniest thing, that right now there are no games for PS3, that show full potential of the console. Biggest games weigh only 25 GB (Xbox 360 will need more than 3 discs even for those).

    16). On PS3 you can install other OS, such as Linux Yellow Dog, Ubuntu and others. Sony officially lets you do it. There is no such thing in 360.

    17). PS3 HDD can be replaced easily with any 2.5" SATA 5400 RPM HDD (used in laptops). 250 GB will cost you around 170$. In 360 you have to buy exclusive HDD, where 20GB will cost you 100$.

    18).Sony expects PS3 to stay on the market for, at least, 7-10 years. Also Sony reduces price now. There is a cheaper 80GB version of PS3.

    19).Sony constantly upgrades PS3 software (free updates for OS) - you get new functions and improvements.

    20). PS3 controller (sixaxis) has a motion control - you move controller - game responds. Wii has it, Xbox 360 - doesn't.

    21).On PS3 you can help sick people by running Folding Home project. Wii and Xbox 360 didn't even think about it.

    22).New 80GB is 399$ or 399 euro (depends on the region) - it has no backwards compatibility with PS2 games, has 2 USBs instead of 4, no built-in card reader, but it's the same PS3, strong, reliable, less noisy, different cooling system. The price is friendly. And one more thing the ps3 is way nicer!!!

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    Wow, what ever is soooo wrong! I own a PS3, an xbox 360, a WII, a psp, and a DS. Who can beat that? I love all these systems but the PS3 is the best. If you get a newer PS3 model (the new 80 gigabite, and the 160 gigabite: Drakes Fortune Bundle) then you can't play PS2 games. If you get a 60 gigbaite, 40 gigabite, or older 80 gigabite model, then you are fine. Now, for you what ever, you say (and I quote) "the PS3 jocked off the 360""... heh...haha... HAHAHA! You are SOOOO wrong! The Playstation 2 actually runs on the same hardware as the Playstation 2. This is the truth. The updated graphics, but that's all. It's the truth. The PS3 runs on 16 motors, how many does the 360 and PS2 run on? 1. That's it. 1. It's a great system, and I love my xbox 360 but the PS3 is sooooo much better, in sooooo many ways. First of all the Playstation 3 has Blu-ray disk capability, which means movies in high definition! It also plays regular DVD's. The online for the Playsation 3 is FREE too! The xbox's cost 60 bucks a year, and while this is not a lot, it is 60 buck's that could be used for better purposes. Also, unless you'r xbox 360 would sit near you'r router (a wireless device located near a computer) then you would have to pay 100 buck's to get a wireless adaptor (this let's you go on xbox live, download demo's, chat with friends and more). The Playstation 3 has a wireless adapter built in! So, in the end with both of those exspences, the PS3 is the same price as the 360, but way better! As for games the PS3 wins again. The PS3 has more exclusives then any other console! This is not a lie! Watch Sony's E3 conference, or do you'r research! It has the Ratchet and Clank series, Metal Gear Solid 4, Unchated, Resistance, Motorstorm, and sooo much more. These are both great systems but the PS3 is better then the 360, and with the prices of the wireless adaptor and the 60 bucks a year membership then it's cheaper to go with the PS3 too, and it's better. Now more people do have 360's, but over 500 million have PS3, so you'r not alone. Both are good consoles, but only the PS3 is great.

    On a final note I will discuss the HUGE problem with the xbox 360, that is the Red Rings of Death. Over one third of xbox 360's break within the first month of usage. I have had 8 xbox 360's in the last year! That is rediculus. It costs an additional 150 bucks to repair the console and you have to ship it to Texas which costs like $30. It is rediculus. The PS3 has a margine of only 3% breaks in the first month. Now you may think that this won't happen to you... you are wrong! So wrong! In total over 60% of xbox 360 owners have experienced harware failure. I really hope you have listened to my argument that the PS3 is better, because when you are one of the 60% of owners who expirience hardware failure, you will realize what could have been. Get the Playstation 3 and you won't be sorry

    Source(s): took me a while to write lol
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    Depends on which model you plan on getting.

    The ones that are on shelves now (80 and 160 gb) cannot play PS2 games.

    The only PS3 that can play PS2 games are the 20, 60, and old 80 gb (includes Motorstorm or Metal Gear Solid 4).

    If I were you, I would ask for a PS3 because it's more expensive than the 360, so it's easier to earn the money to get a 360 than it is to earn the money to get a PS3.

    The PS3 can do so much more than a 360. If you have a HD TV, you can watch Blu-ray movies in HD. The PS3 can also upconvert your DVD to HD. There are also the games like LittleBigPlanet, Resistance series, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted series.

    Are you going to have a good Christmas when the RROD shows up on your 360, and you have to send it back for repairs. Or when you move the 360 when the disk is spinning, and you get a nice circular ring on your game?

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    Only the original PS3's can play PS2 games and get the PS3

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    Yes it can. By all means get a PS3. the majority of people with the xbox360 and other systems have them because they are cheaper. The PS3 is definitely the best. It has better graphics, you can install linyx yellow dog software ( makes it a super-computer ) on it, play your earlier ps2,1, games on it as well. It also play very high definition DVD' s (Blueray technology). regardless of which PS3 you buy (20, 40 80 Gigabytes, etc.) you can still upgrade it for practically nothing. I have upgraded mine to 250 Gigs, connected a wireless keyboard and mouse, webcam and uses it as my computer. I have a Wii, xbox 360, PSP, and a PS3. im going to sell them all except the PS3. Oh yeah, the PS3 also comes with unlimited FREE internet access-a big no-go for the xbox you have to pay monthly or yearly. That is one of the reasons people say the PS3 will py for itself. I hope this help,

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    yes the ps3 can play ps2 games, but you will have to buy the 80 gig ps3, and it all depends on what game your son or daughter likes to play, there are more games for ps3 and the online gaming feature is free and it also has blue ray... xbox can play net flix movies when u order them, but actually yesterday i was at dinner with some friends and one of them said that the xbox actually scratches the cds...but i am not 100 percent sure, in my opinion i would get the ps3, BUT the nintendo Wii is really fun too and the whole family can get involed, hope this was helpful

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    Yes the ps3 can play ps2 games

    you should get an x-box 360

    its just better, the 360 has all the games from ps3 and the 360 is a hell lot cheaper.

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    Yes it can. Definitely get a PS3. More features. Free online gaming. wifi inbuilt. If your a Bill Gates groupie....yeah go for an xbox pah! The only reason for going the xbox route is that it is cheaper to purchase. My friend is on his 3rd xbox 360 after red circle of deaths.

    Tis up to you.

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    Only the 80GB PS3 can play PS2 and PS one .

    I would go with the PS3 because X-Box has not earned my respect yet they rushed there systems out and had to recall them for defects

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    yes ps3 can play ps2 and ps1 games been like that for the ps2 also. Depends on what you like to play more. Xbox mostly for FPS or shooting action games. PS3 decent shooting/action games and RPG games and fantasy games. Like this new weird game called FLOWERS look it up. You control flowers(petals) and fly them to destination.

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    Yea, a ps3 can play ps2 games but i would get a xbox much better then a ps3

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