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my age is 38, last month when i do check the blood sugar in fasting, i found that is 280 mg/dl. then i started?

my age is 38, last month when i do check the blood sugar in fasting, i found that is 280 mg/dl. then i started medicine. after the medicine taken for 4 days i repeated test in fasting and found 100mg/dl. then i started to eat normal food except sugar and high sugared fruits. today when i do check again the fasting sugar that is become 260mg/dl. so who can tell me what is have to do? or is it showing any problem related to my internal organs?

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    You need to exercise and eat low Glycemic index foods. Heres a website that has a list of 750 foods and there index and load factor. Walk at least 30 min. a day.

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    You have to take a certain amount of medication for each amount of food that you are eating, and then the medication will keep the blood sugars from getting to high.

    You might want to read this book, it talks about why everything is out of wack, and how to make the medications work better.

    Dr. Barnard's Program For Reversing Diabetes.

    You can get it at Amazon or Border Books, and other places.

    You should also get a A1c test, and then in about 6 weeks see if it has improved. The Dr. explains it in the book - 4 pages of stuff.

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    Ask your doctor for a diabetic diet sheet. They should have them in the office. This will show you what foods and portions are right for you.

    Also, keep track of your blood sugars am and pm for a couple days and call the doctor. They may need to change your dosage of medication. If you just become diabetic, your internal organs won't be affected unless your blood sugar stays out of control for long period of time. Good luck & God bless.

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    Any starch you have is also turned into sugar. So avoiding things with just added sugar is not going to help. Avoid breads and pastas, any thing with high carbohydrate count, or at least in moderation. That also includes juices, pop, fruit, etc.

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    You may just need to have your med doses adjusted. Managing and figuring out correct medicine doses for new diabetics can take a week or two.:)

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