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Who is MORE QUALIFIED to be a Senator...Sarah Palin or Caroline Kennedy?

Liberals went crazy saying Sarah Palin was not qualified to be a VP (she is/was more qualified than Barack Obama) Caroline Kennedy QUALIFIED to be a Senator?


EXPERIENCED and qualified then...

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    Sarah Palin is more qualified to be a Senator, a Vice President, or President than any kennedy that is alive today. I would like to have the Palins as neighbors. I would not want a kennedy living closer than 50 miles of me. For all we know, uncle teddy taught caroline how to drive.

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    As far as "experience", obviously Sarah Palin.

    However, "qualified" is not a specific term.

    Constitutionally, both are qualified, as the only requirement is age. No question there.

    Technically, neither are qualified, because neither have been elected or appointed yet.

    I would like to comment here that the original Constitutional method of choosing Senators was in the hands of the State Legislature, and was totally non-delegable. It was the 17th Amendment that gave people the vote on that.

    The reason the founders wanted Senators chosen one more step removed from citizens was to make it more likely that Senators would be the most experienced people available, a source of wisdom and restraint.

    I'm not certain either would be on their respective state's "short list", but Kennedy certainly would not.

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    VP is a different job from Senator. If more people thought Palin was qualified, maybe McCain would have won.

    I honestly don't know if Caroline Kennedy is qualified to be a Senator or not. She has a law degree and probably a fair amount of experience practicing law. I think that is probably similar to a lot of new senators. Since she is about 50 years old, I would guess that Ms. Kennedy has more experience than a lot of younger people. I would think someone in the senate would have had some lower level political office before that, but I don't think there is any specific rule about it.

    Sure, Palin is qualified to be a senator, she was a governor. I didn't want her as my VP or President and that's why I didn't vote for McCain.

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    Sarah Palin

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    Despite the fact that some people discount any form of community service, working with real people for the common good does qualify a person for public office. Conservatives are always touting the benefits of volunteerism until liberals start getting involved. All one has to do is listen to Sarah Palin and Caroline Kennedy talk for a few minutes to see the obvious fact that Caroline Kennedy is far more knowledgeable, intelligent and talented and therefore more qualified than Sarah Palin could ever hope to be.

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    Caroline Kennedy is qualified to be a senator because she knows what a senator does, she keeps up with current events, and she's an intelligent person.

    I'm not saying she's the best choice, but I think she could do a decent job.

    Sarah Palin doesn't know her elbow from her ear.

    Sarah Palin doesn't know the duties of the job she was trying to get - VP.

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    Huge difference between VP and senator-

    MCcain is in his 70s and Palin would be 1 heart beat away from being president-

    Palin is Qualified to be Gov of Alaska... a little backwoods to be senator of NY but she could do the job- but I wouldn't put either up for VP or President-

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    To say that anyone with half an ounce of intellect is less qualified than Sarah Palin for anything but meter maid requires a suspension of disbelief I'm sure not many people are willing to endure. She embarrassed herself and any right thinking person that has been paying attention. The bar has been set so low by our current administration that some folks are willing to be so gullible that it shamefull.

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    Not Sarah Palin! She is actually loyal to this country,and that is unacceptable to the "Ruling Class" in D.C.

    They, the Dictocrats and their Renfields of the Media, no longer accept loyalty to the constitution as a qualification to serve in Washington, unless as an inmate at a prison.

    I have given up on the expectation of loyalty from those people.

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    If I have understood correctly, there are a lot of people in NY up in arms because she supported Obama and not Hillary, and they would rather have a Hillary supporter in the seat that she is going to vacate.

    That said, I didn't hear a word about experience in the arguement...

    <<<Ya know, it is amazing to me to see that people on here are arguing for Caroline Kennedy in office with NO experience over Sarah Palin as a Senator when she was as experienced/more experienced than Obama. I mean...does just being there give Laura Bush more experience than...say the Governor of Hawaii?? THINK PEOPLE!

    Source(s): Talk radio, so maybe it was mentioned and they didn't play that byte.
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