Is Israels human rights record really that great?

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Child abuse, spousal abuse, sex trafficking, a self appointed Ultra orthodox 'Modesty police' and lets not forget the gross human rights abuses suffered by the Palestinians.

In order to answer this question you will have to open your mind and read the links, not just respond dogmatically.,,HRW,,PSE,45...


To those saying I should travel there, that's really a bit dumb really isn't it. After all these are FACTS, regardless how you look at it. I guess it is a bit differet when the lense of that high powered microscope you love to point at Palestine is now fucused on you. Did the 'best answer' of the other post have anything positive to say about Palestine? No they did not. Have you travelled to the WB and Gaza and seen these things for yourself, I doubt it.

And if I did travel to 'Israel' I doubt if anyone would abuse their spouse or child in front of me, now would they??

Update 2:

By the way why aren't the Zionists answering the question, and just going on a rant that these are accepteble statistics because they are still better than the Arabs. Excuses, not answers. I didn't think you could answer anyway,

Update 3:

Paulie, see my link regarding the wall on that question, it has some pretty good facts

Update 4:

Hey- I did read it, and I know that it is about Palestine, and this is my answer to that answer. I did state that above, didn't you read it properly?

Update 5:

Please people, how can you thumb down a post from a human rights org.? Really that is just rediculous. Let me guess, the UNHCR is anti-Semitic because it dares criticise Israel.

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    Well your right in the fact that Israel isn't perfect and abuse occurs.

    Ultra-Orthodox: Not surprised...not a whole lot of difference between them and extremist Christians and Muslims when it comes to women. I'd heard of the "morality police" before from when I was reading up on traveling to Israel. It warns women to dress modestly in those areas or to avoid them.

    Spousal/child abuse: Yes, it occurs in Israel and Israel has agencies, like the UK and Britain to help these unfortunate women and children. A number of non-profit organizations too.

    Human Rights Watch: This site is actually very balanced in the sense that it shows both Israeli and Palestinian human rights abuses. As for the Lebanese/Hizbollah conflict I disagree with their assessment placing the blame on Israel. Hizbollah delibritely used civilians in towns and cities as human shields. This is a war crime and violates the Geneva conventions. I agree with the assessment of the West Bank, Israel needs to get out of there. I don't know how they can do it with out preventing another Gaza. Maybe NATO could intervene in this situation. The security wall...I don't know honestly. Israel needs it for security but it shouldn't be invasive into Palestinian property and land. The fence/wall has prevented attacks...maybe it could be adjusted? The UN said the wall/fence would be okay as long as it didn't deviate from the 1949 would have to be moved to there. Is there an updated map on the barrier? Everything I find is from 2005 or 2006.

    Lulu: that must be one of the two that are blocked..,I'm at work...I'll read them when I get home. LOL I doubt anyone would beat a kid in front of you. I remember my mom taking me to bathroom for a spanking when I was a kid if we were out and I was bad..."no mom I'll be good!" Most of the time time I got the ominous "wait until we get home..."

    Besides for ideological reasons, would you go visit Israel? I mean the US has a high crime rate and so does South Africa and people still visit there. You can avoid the crazy Ultra-Orthodox areas in Jerusalem...when I was a kid I lived in Chicago and there were parts of the city my parents warned me never to go to. Is it the same for parts of Britain? I'd probably want to see historical sites in the West you could probably travel rather safely there with a tour group.

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    Obviously Israeli's human rights record is pathetic (though maybe there is some country over there that is even worst, who knows?). This is, of course true for the occupied territories and in regard to the Palestinian underclass, who basically have no rights whatsoever in their own country but even within those that are considered citizens the situation is far from good.

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    The link you provided is an answer to the human rights to the Palestinians, it has nothing to do with Israel, you have obviously not read the very good and informative answer this member has given.Please for your own good, don't embarrass yourself by not reading, The Israeli people and the Palestinians are 2 different people, don't confuse them.Israel is a first world country with first world people.In Gaza its 3rd world.

    Every country has these problems(humam right) , but with the Arabs and the Palestinians the problem seems to be far worse.

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    like other posts , people have told you, no country is 100%, not even the States.However, Israel has a better track record then most Arab countries.If any citizen breaks the law in Israel for human right reasons then they have to face the consequences

    many interesting facts are found on the following site,

    Israel is a liberal democracy with universal citizen suffrage and an independent judiciary. But while its Declaration of Independence (1948) guarantees basic human rights to all inhabitants, there is a clear distinction between the way Israel treats its citizens and the way it treats Palestinian residents living in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    The Promised Land:

    Israel is defined primarily in Jewish cultural and religious terms. All Orthodox Jews may claim Israeli dual citizenship, regardless of the country they live in. Hebrew, which had fallen out of favor as a conversational language by the early 20th century, has received a new lease on life since Israel adopted it as its official language. By reinforcing elements of global Jewish culture, Israeli leaders feel that they can protect it from assimilation.

    Religious Courts:

    Most Jewish courts are secular in nature, but religious courts--both Jewish (enforcing halakha) and Islamic (enforcing sharia)--are available for some civil cases. Israel's religious courts deal primarily with divorce cases, but also address issues regarding Jewish conversion and immigration. Citizens who would prefer to work through the secular court system may do so.

    A Conscripted Military:

    Every young Jewish man and woman is required by law to serve for two years in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). There is no conscientious objector policy, except for members of the Haredi sect, but rabbinical students and pregnant women are exempt. Non-Jewish Israeli citizens are allowed to serve in the IDF, but not required to do so.

    The Rights of Women:

    Israel is by and large one of the most progressive nations on Earth with regards to gender equality. Israel co-founder Golda Meir became one of the first female heads of state when she was elected prime minister in 1969, and women frequently serve at high levels in both military and civilian life. The one exception is in the religious courts and other religious institutions, where women still face discrimination.

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    My Jewish friends it's an insult not accepting your responsibilities against the Poor palestinians.

    At least respect us, the Gentiles that your people live having equal rights and enjoy a careless life in our Free World countries.

    Israel is a cancerous country, I said this many times before and I will repeat it as many again. Just follow the above links if you have any doubt.

    The patience also of the American people is getting shorter and I am afraid very soon, some of you will have to pay dearly.

    As usual it is the innocent who get hurt.

    So as an advice from me to you is to start behaving like civilized human beings, or else we shall be building memorials and monuments once again.


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    We are all Palestinians son.

    Should we all Americans travel to Palestine and see how it is to be a Gazan?

    That's what my grandpa asked me yesterday.

    Is there something to do to protect ourselves from these guys?

    The jews have turned us all to Gazans. The only thing left for us is to become panhandlers, yes sir.

    View these here links



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    Israel and American Zionist support of Israel has bled America of trillions of $ and caused global terrorist Mayhem. apart from that not much really

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    It's all relative to what you're comparing it to.

    If you consider countries where the men bash their daughters/sisters in the head with concrete blocks in the town square with everyone watching because they dated a guy from the wrong backward tribe, then Israel's human rights record would be considered superior beyond imagination, Lady Lulu.

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    Do you live there? I doubt it. Believe what you want, but Israel is a lot better place to live than many others I've lived in. Including some places in the U.S. The "modesty police" are only in religious neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

    Suicide bombings of innocent children are not considered human rights abuses? You have a lot of links that don't say very much.

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    LOL...........ya, the best answer to an usual cut&past!

    You've covered it pretty well dear, so in short;

    israel & human rights in one sentence, is an oxy-moron.

    **lol.......and this hate mail sender on the loose ''''ha'''' with her second account '''you can't hide''' is being so active to day!!

    Source(s): ''''ha'''' don't be embarrassed, at least you're entertaining every one here!............not to mention we're all been saying this all along that, you jews have all multiple accounts!? Click........
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