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Some trailer park trash call their son ADOLF HITLER then get wrapped around the axles because a shop ?

has the gonads to tell them where to get off ...and the Parents (I use that term loosely) get upset!!!!

What ever happened to child abuse laws calling your kids Adolf Hitler and other such names that will impact on those kids for the rest of their lives.

Have Americas trailer parks sunk to a new low ( if that were at all possible). The campbells should be done for negligence and child abuse in my view ...what is yours?


Interesting...the overall response seems to be the esteem with which trailer parks should be held in and not the value of wonder Jerry Springer and Maurie Povich do so well !!

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    Wow.... I had not read that and thanks for pointing it out. It's good to be able to have the mind boggled once in a while when one is the kind of person who has seen much of the world.... and thought they had seen it all.

    The people who are on you about "trailer park" people are not getting that it is venacular for "redneck" and "trashy". Someone could live in a million dollar home and still be trailer park.

    These parents can express all of the outrage that they wish. They knew that somewhere at some point they would have issues. My thinking is that they are weak and insecure people who have nothing and don't ever plan to. Shoot.... even the most racist person in the world would I think be smart enough to name their kid William or something.

    I suppose it is legal to name your kid whatever. But it is child abuse. The kid will be screwed for life. They have set this kid up for failure. When the kid gets older he will be thinking WTF were my parents thinking? So family togetherness, respect and all of that will go out the window.

    Kid gets older and has to show his ID, birth certificate, SS card or whatnot. Good luck with the whole passport thing or hoping to meet someone.

    The store had every right to say no with the cake. My thinking is that they were and are hoping for some reason to sue someone. Store, school or whoever.

    I could go on. But yes it should be considered child abuse.

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    Well, the one thing I have to say is that I agree with you that the parents are not very bright. However, dont call them trailer trash. They are just trashy people in your opinion. There are some great folks who live in trailer parks. There are also some pretty nice trailers to live in as well. I dont like to stereotype. I get really upset when I see people who think all Blacks have the same mind. It isnt true, so I wont say that about people who live in trailers. You know, it is unfortunate that these people have placed this burden of hatred upon their children. They will be hated for their names. They will be accused of being racists and Nazis which I guess is what their parents are trying to make them. To place this label on a sweet, innocent child is so unfair. I am a person of faith, and I believe that these people need to be prayed for. They need love to touch their hearts. May they be blessed. We also must remember, that this is America, and these people do have the right to name their kids whatever they choose. It's a bad choice, but it is their right. My great grandma was named Charity, and I think it is a beautiful name.

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    While I agree that naming your kid Adolf Hitler is horrible and that it was done to provoke people (kinda like they provoked you) it's not child abuse per se.

    People have a right to raise their kids how they see fit, despite what most people think. Will it screw him up? Possibly, but there's a lot of other names that I find appalling as well and hate when kids are named this.

    As a rule, never name your kid after a mineral (Diamond, Ruby, Crystal, etc..), car (Mercedes, Porche, etc..), virtue (Charity, Hope, etc..), month (August April, etc..), season (Summer, Autumn, etc..), States and Cities ( Dakota, Cheyenne, Austin etc...), activities (Hunter, Fisher, etc...) or you are dooming them to the stripper pole.....(some exceptions...maybe)

    You don't often hear people say, 'Hi, I'd like to introduce you to my lawyer, Crystal' or 'Hi, this is my doctor Charity'

    While I hate these names and think they have a negative impact on kids (sort of like the baby mullet) people have a right to do what they think is best with their kids without outside influence.

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    Wow! A couple of wackos name their child Adolph Hitler and everyone living in trailer parks is indicted for it? I guess it's ok to name you child Paris Hilton and then permit her to act like a whore. As long as you live in a mansion.

    Your elitist arrogance is revealing.

    Source(s): You obviously see what you want to see.
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    This poor kid will suffer enough abuse until he is 18. Then, if he has half a brain, he will change his name to something like Andrew Henry and get on with his life. Unfortunately, stupidity is not a crime.

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    don't attack people that live in trailer parks, I've known perfectly normal non-trash that live in them..These neo nazis are far beyond trash , they can't be a normal family. It is sad about the children.

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    i think it is as sad as the rich people who do nothing but ply their hildren with material goods and turn them into greedy snot-nosed brats who think the world owes them a living. the same for the "super stars" kids and on and on and on. sadly there are no laws that mandate epople know how to parent!!!

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    did you also hear what they named their daughter? Jocelynn Aryan Nation Campbell!?! This is obvious child abuse. to think they will have to live their lives as kids with those names, untill they can legally change them.

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    parents ought to be beat. who the hell let those names go on a birth certificate anyway.

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    Right out of the Canadian "Trailor park Boys".....

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