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what is bigger then the white house?

like is there any other place bigger then the white house

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    The White House really isn't all that big.

    According to the White House Historical Association, the White House has a floor area of 55,000 square feet. See

    Here's a listing of the largest buildings in the world from Wikipedia:

    There are several above 10 million square feet. The Pentagon, close by, is 6.6 million square feet. The largest presidential residence is in India, at 200,000 square feet. The U.S. Capitol has a floor area of 16.5 acres:

    And the lists could go on. But the point is: The White House really isn't that big.

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    There are lots of buildings bigger than the White House. Bigger is not always better.

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    A lot of stuff. The Pentagon. Windsor Castle. Biltmore Estate. Sears Tower. And many more...

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    Biltmore Estate is the largest home in the U.S.

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    Yes, in fact it's in the suburbs of DC in Mclean ;)

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