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我想知一D航空o既專有名詞, 要寫埋個意思.


上網塭啦 or 一D低能o既野


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    ATC air traffic control centre

    ACARS aircraft communication addressing and reporting system

    ATIS automatic terminal information system

    ATPL airline transport pilot's license

    APU auxiliary power unit

    CAT clear air turbulence

    CFP computer flight plan

    CRM crew resourse management

    CX cathay pacific =]

    FAA federal aviation administration

    NOTAM notice to airmen

    PF pilot flying

    PFD primary flight display

    RAT ram air turbulence

    RVSM reduced vertical separation

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    If you wants to be a pilot these words might help because you need to know the license.

    Here are a few hope it helps

    PPL- Privite Pilot License

    CPL- Commercial Pilot License

    ATC- Air tranning crops

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    PAX - passenger

    INF - infant

    VGML - Vegetarina

    SPML- Special meal

    CHML- Child meal

    BBML- Infant meal

    ETA - Estimated time of Arrival

    ETD - Estimated time of Departure

    RLOC - Booking reference

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