how to do the christmas quest and event????????

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    Christomas quest: The myth of the white land

    You start the quest by talking to Explorer Jack at Lumbridge. Then

    you'll head to Wizards' Tower. You go down to the underground

    floor. You talk to Isidor and he will teleports you to a land of snow.

    You then slide through ice to reach the cave. After you entered the

    maze. You keep on sliding till you reach a room which contains a

    giant yati. It yelled at you that slide back. At the last room to reach

    the giant yati. You'll see some stone blocks. You push them into a

    missing part of the road. After you slide back to the second previous

    room. You'll see a path that also had an exit. You squeeze through

    the creevice. And then you keep on walking and you reach a room

    with giant yati. You read the picture on the wall. It shows a picture.

    Then you right-clicked on the shout in pipe. And your character

    create a loud voice that made the giant yati fainted. You have to go

    back to the second-previous room. You came to the room with giant

    yati. You'll take some rocks. And after you exit the cave. You'll see

    three snow imps. After the chat. They'll frozen your stone. You

    teleport to Lumbridge. Gave the rock to explorer Jack. And you

    complete the quest.

    You'll recieved 1 quest point and 500 exp. lamp.

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    Christmas event: Chasing Jack Frost

    You can start the quest by talking to one of the three head snow imp

    at the ice patches of North-West of Rimmington, North of

    Lumbridge or North of Falador.

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    Then wear it. Operate it.

    And a little snow imp will came out.

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    The imp can sense where is Jack. (Nobody can help you with this because everyone may had different places. When the imp said that it's freezing cold. Look around for a little ice patches. There will be a person standing there which is Jack.

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    Talk to Jack, and he will then freeze you. But you'll suddenly came back to normal. The imp teleport you to a land of snow. You slide to a place which Jack is standing.

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    After you reached him. He will suddenly fainted because u hit him. And the Queen of Snow will came out. After the chat, you found out that the ice scuplture is actually Jack's dad.

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    Then you helped them to make some fires. (No need axes, tinderbox or logs)Then the ice melt and you talked to the Santa. And you completed the quest.

    You'll recieved 1 santa suit, and unlocked the snowman dance and freeze emotions.

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