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    Oil prices spiked to a record $115.07 a barrel in midday trading, after a government report showed an unexpected crude supply drop. U.S. light sweet crude for May delivery settled at $114.93 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. In the short term, momentum could push crude prices higher still, according to Brian Hicks, co-manager of the Global Resources Fund at U.S. Global Investors. However, Hicks says, "at some point, seasonal factors will come into play and we will see a pullback in the second quarter."

    The ghostly, full-body impressions of three amphibians performing what might be a courtship ritual have been found in a forgotten 330 million-year-old rock from Pennsylvania. The unprecedented impressions raise the possibility that the courtship behavior, seen in many modern salamanders, is far, far older then imagined. The three impressions show foot-long creatures with large heads, short trunks, stout limbs and webbed four-toed feet. Their body positions reflect almost exactly those of salamanders today in the process of mating, although it's impossible to know for certain what the ancient animals were doing.

    Her findings suggest the key conditions that formed our moon occur in no more than 10 percent of evolving planetary systems. "When a moon forms from a violent collision, dust should be blasted everywhere," said Gorlova, the lead author of a study that appears in the current issue of Astrophysical Journal.

    Many children need extra help to become good readers, and all students benefit from individualized attention. Building a strong tutor/mentor program provides the infrastructure to help boost student reading scores across the board. Our resources give educators, tutors, classroom volunteers, and parents the tools to help emergent readers gain key literacy skills. Reading-Tutors is a low-cost, easy-to use everything needed for a successful tutor/mentor session.

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