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Which Presidents/Kings attended JFK's Funeral?

I was watching John F. Kennedy's funeral on youtube until the voice over guy said that "never before have so many great presidents, kings, and leaders of other countries attended the same funeral before..." Do you know who were the great leaders who attended? Thanks.

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    Security had to cope with 220 foreign dignitaries, including 19 heads of state and members of royal families; (some of which are listed below in no particular order):

    ---President Charles de Gaulle, of France

    ---President Heinrich Lubke, Chancellor Ludwig Erhard, Foreign Minister, Gerhard Schroder, Defense Minister, Kai-Uwe von Hassell, and West Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt, of West Germany (Federal Republic of Germany)

    ---Prince Philip and Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home, of the United Kingdom

    ---President Eamon De Valera, External Affairs Minister Frank Aiken as well as de Valera's son, Major Vivian De Valera, of Ireland

    ---Emperor Hale Selassie, Ethiopia

    ---Queen Frederika, Greece

    ---King Baudarin, Belgium

    ---President Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Mexico

    ---First Minister, Premier Anastas Mikoyan, USSR

    Two foreign military units participated in the funeral procession--the Scottish Black Watch and 24 Irish cadets.

    Additionally, all the state and territorial governors of the United States attended Kennedy's funeral as well as former Presidents Truman and Eisenhower.

    Source(s): Personal note: My family watched the funeral on television from Austin, Texas. I was an eleven-year-old, 6th-grader.
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    The list is large;the list included Emperor Haile Selassie,Charles de Gaulle,Lyndon Johnson,Prince Philip,with Sir Alec Douglas-Home, and the Leader of the Opposition, Harold Wilson,and ,Frederika,the Queen of Greece,the Soviet Foreign Minister(this was the time of the Cold War so this was very significant),Chancellor Ludwig Erhard of the Federal Republic of Germany,Prince and Princess Stanislaus Radziwill(Jackie's sister and brother-in-law),West German President Heinrich Lubke,King Baudoin I of Belgium,Irish Present Eamon de Valera.The guests, representing every continent in the world in one of the most distinguished gathering of foreign dignitaries ever assembled in the history of the United States. There were 220 representatives from 102 nations,eight chiefs of state and 11 heads of government among them.

    Source(s): A Woman Called Jackie by C. David Heyman America's Queen by Sarah Bradford Grace and Power by Sally Bedell Smith
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    Here is a small showing of who attended the funeral of Kennedy

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