need advice on moving across the country from Pennsylvania to California?

I was looking through other questions similar to mine hoping to find the answer but I guess I'll just ask it anyway since I wanted to give more specifics to my situation.

Okay here goes: Short version? I want to move from PA to CA and more specifically from Punxsutawney, PA to Ontario, CA.

Okay here's the long version now:

The main reason I want to go is for a sweetheart of over 6 years but I want just as much to live there for the climate and job opportunities that are far more available than they are in these woods over here.

My problem? I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Clarion University in Psychology and I have been unable to find someone over there willing to take a risk and hire me. I haven't had any return calls even though I take time on my resume and have applied to several different places through HotJobs and I have worked several different types of jobs and am willing to do anything that will support my survival over there but I don't know what jobs to apply for or what websites I can find to e-mail resumes, etc.

Currently I am working in a nursing home as a Personal Care Aid and I couldn't be happier with this job. Unfortunately I know that they typically don't make enough money to live on their own. Any ideas on what kind of jobs will support a single person apartment over there?

Also, I know where I want to live and am saving enough money now for the security deposit and rent (it's a gated community in a nice area).

My problem is not going to be getting there because I plan to drive and whatever doesn't fit in my car is getting donated so really the only expense getting there would be gas for the car and munchies on the way.

My problem will be to find out how fast I can find a job before my money runs out because it seems that I'm not having any luck with getting the job before I get over there.

My future career options I'm looking at are becoming an LPN or an RN once I get established in my own place and have a steady job. I thought about getting a CNA license at home before I go but then did more research and found out that I would just have to take the classes over again anyway because that certification is different in PA and CA.

Anyway, you might be able to tell that I've been doing a lot of thinking about all this along with planning and research. I'm just getting to the point of being frustrated because I want to move as soon as I have the money saved but I would feel much more secure with having some sort of guaranteed job before I get there.

I would love to hear from anyone with similar experiences or people with good thoughts about what I could do. Thanks for taking the time to read my question and really long story and please help me out on this if you can! :-)

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    check with local temp agencies that can provide immediate employment, and likely best opportunity for long term employment opportunity:,+CA&geoco...


    2008 cost of living index in Punxsutawney: 83.2 (low, U.S. average is 100) 2008 cost of living index in Ontario: 132.4 (high)

    Sweetheart, or not, likely the best decision of your life!

    I moved to San Diego from Chicago, and never looked anywhere else.

    Your future job opportunities should only expand, as so many seniors

    need both increasing health and Psychology care.

    You might expect $100k/year salary to compensate for cost of living:

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    I'm a Pennsylvanian who did this too, 38 years ago, fresh out of grad school, and it worked fine. With no prep, we drove during the Woodstock concert, arrived around the time of the moon landing, and rented our first apartment at the time of the Charles Manson killings (and right near the second family that was killed, to boot)! Welcome to the big city! Sooo, I have spent all this time here, the first five years learning that it's a very different place culturally, all 38 years missing my family, and the last five years plotting my return home. My husband and I have just bought a live-work studio in my home town (see my nick) where we plan to spend the temperate months and hang our shingles for our professional practices as well. But we've come to love Southern California, as I'm sure you will. Take it at your own pace. If sports journalism is your future, you need to be near the studios and the internet hubs, as print journalism is in such dire straits now. As for just where to live, assuming you just have to experience Southern CA, check craigslist, the ultimate source. If you can find steady work, grab it, and try to get your transportation provided for, as all is so costly, and if you are covering games, it will require a lot of running around, so you should not have to pay for it yourself. At this point, given that situation, and the fact that the beach is SO costly, I would start out by living near work, and later on evaluate the cost-benefit of living at the beach once you have the lay of the land and your situation. As one Pennsylvanian (kinda) to another, good luck!

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