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Can you form a sentence using at LEAST 3 song titles from your favorite band/Artist?

and if you want, you can make a story of a lot of their song titles.

BQ: If you want bonus points can you guess the top answerer and the bottom answerers favorite band/artist?

Ok here I go.

(btw covers of other songs from your favorite band/artist count too)

I was sipping some Lilac Wine, when I called my girlfriend, I said Lover, You Should've Come Over when a feeling came over me that felt So real that I screamed Hallelujah.


wow 808 that is a bit "Creep"y =p.

Update 2:

you can use other words.

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    During the "Summertime", I was looking for "Somebody to love". I met a man named "Baba O'Reiley ". He told me to "Have A Cigar", and also noted that there was a "China girl" next to the "Stairway to Heaven". Me being the "Love Hungry Man" that I am, went searching for that girl. I finally met her "In the Flesh", "Hey Jude", I said, "Hello" she responded. I just sat there like "Another Brick in The Wall", "Dazed and Confused", on how "Beautiful" she was, certainly the "Love of My life". She gave me "A kiss to build a dream on", and this "Foxey Lady" had my heart running "All Along The Watch Tower!" "One of these days", she'll be my "Future baby Momma", and then we'll pass on, "Ashes to Ashes".

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    I shall Wake Up start a Township Rebellion and Settle for Nothing as I try and Take the Power Back from those who stole my Freedom


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    It was "Good times,Bad times"when she said "Babe I'm gonna leave you". I was so "Dazed and confused" cause she said there wasn't a

    "Whole Lotta" Love" So she headed off to "Kashmir" "In the Evening"

    taking "All of my Love" "Over the hills and far Away". I felt like a

    "Black Dog" that had been "Trampled under Foot". She was a

    "Heartbreaker", She showed "No Quarter" As i "Rambled on" doing

    the "Misty Mountain Hop" reeling from that"Battle of Evermore" I

    knew it was "Nobody's Fault but Mine"

  • I will learn to fly Jeremy.

    I will by The Beatles

    Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters

    Jeremy by Pearl Jam

    Wow, that was actually kind of hard, I'll edit if I can think of something better.

    **I tried to still make sense w/out using any extra words.

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  • "I Hate Everything About You" but, I am "Scared" I was "Born Like This". I don't want to "Let You Down" but I was "Born Like This". I can't be "Just Like You". It's "Now or Never". "Wake Up" before I "Drown". I feel like all you want is for me to "Burn".

    One day, I will leave this "Home". I'm sorry, but "I Hate Everything About You".

    hey nice question, that was fun lol.

    BQ: I can't guess, they already put the band name. lol

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    Let me love you, wild one, back on the streets.

    - John Norum (solo album by Europe's guitar player)

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    Modest Mouse

    "Cowboy Dan" was "out of gas" and "doing the cockaroach"

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    Dinosaur Jr

    "Get Me" out of this "Quicksand" before I "Puke and Cry".

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    "Ai Nante," something one with "Ai no Matador" can "Cherish."

    Such a thing as love, something one with the love of the matador can cherish.

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    Using no extra words?


    "there there" "Just" "Go to sleep"

    Reply: "I can't" "The drugs don't work".


    hey im not the only one who used radiohead.

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