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Explain each of the following alternative thermal energy sources: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Compost, Geothermal.?

please help!

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    Geothermal and solar are the only "thermal energy sources".

    Geothermal works by generating electricity from heat deep underground, usually near active volcanoes. Water is pumped down, then turned to steam which comes back up and drives a turbine.

    There are solar thermal power plants out there, but they are not very common and this is usually not the technology people mean when they say "solar" energy. Most of these applications involve using large mirrors to concentrate solar energy, and heat up water to drive a turbine.

    Solar energy (photovoltaic) turns solar radiation into electricity; photons of light knock loose electrons of silicon, which form an electric current (all a current really is is a flow of electrons.) This is the standard meaning of "solar energy" and "solar panel".

    Wind and hydro have nothing to do with thermal energy; composting is not an energy source, it's a fertilizer.

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    Solar...Bad Idea

    Wind...Even Worse Idea

    Hydro..Good for Growing Pot

    Compost...Ain't Worth A Sh!t

    Geothermal...Would Lead To Man'Made Global Cooling

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    Explained in detail, here:

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    Bright, fast, wet, stinky, and hot, respectively.

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