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What are the places to visit in Florida?

We are going on a 2 week vacation to FL. We are planning to spend 6 days on seeing Disney,Unversal studios and Seaworld. Are there any other interesting places in Florida to spend the rest of the vacation?. Please suggest some good beaches too.

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    from Orlando you can take about a 45min drive over to the central Gulf Coast. The entire area is miles of beautiful beaches. There is Fort Desoto in St. Pete. a great trip on boat to EGMONT KEY, an island just off the coast that has an old Spanish- American war fort on it. JOHNS PASS VILLAGE in Madeira beach, a boardwalk with restaraunts, cruises, fishing, boat rentals, parasailing, (pretty much anything you want to do). An amazing pier in Clearwater Beach, with a great public beach, tons of street vendors, and even more cruises, and things to do. OK sorry being so long winded, but it's definately an area worth visiting

    (there are so many more things to do than I can even mention)

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    besides the obtrusive DIsney, commonplace studios, sea worldtry the Church St. Station a great form of outlets and arcades and shows. Rosie O'Grady Saloon. there is likewise moist & Wild water park its smaller than the Disney water parks yet in basic terms as lots exciting and extra interior your budget and much less human beings. there is likewise Ripleys believe it or no longer! lots to work out in basic terms how touristy do you opt for for. Kissimmee isn't to a great way from there and that they've some cool factors of interest on the main drag! in basic terms utilizing in Florida may well be thrilling!

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    hey you can go to Miami beach and the malls are totally nice and ice skating over there is so good like the theater there awesome im goign to florida the 19 and goign to disney on jan 1

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    mitony bery saheleh sharghi safa, ageh mifahmi man chy migam.

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