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I'm Going to the dentist Tomorrow to get my braces put on and after that my mom is gonna take me to the Store to buy some food that I can eat while having braces.

So I was wondering what can you eat that will not make your teeth hurt while having braces?

I'm not that worried about the pain, I have 4 Spacers in my mouth right now and they don't hurt that bad.. but I'm kind of worried About the braces what do you think hurts more? braces or spacers?


God bless!


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    You can eat most of the foods that you eat now. You should not eat sticky foods (caramel, toffee), really chewy food and gum (bubblicious, taffy, bagels), and really hard foods (pretzels). Be careful when eating apples-always cut them up first.

    I would mainly eat soup and food that is easily swallowed (eggs, mashed potatoes, rice, oatmeal, cereal, macaroni and cheese, tuna-chicken-egg salad, burritos, enchiladas, ravioli, jello, pudding, ice cream) the first few days after getting your braces and when you have to have them tightened. The first day that you get braces will be the hardest to eat. Be prepared to even have some difficulty and pain while eating the soft stuff.

    I have never had spacers but I have read online that most people who have had both braces and spacers consider spacers to be the most painful part of teeth straighting.

    Good luck and remember that the pain will subside and you will eventually get used to the soreness and pain associated with tightening your braces each month.

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    spacers hurt me WAYY MORE! its the worst pain i have ever felt. its because my teeth were very close together and tight and they had to untighten them. my teeth were not that crooked so braces hardly hurt me. it totally depends on the position ur teeth are in. if they are crroked bad than braces will hurt u more. so the food... nothing sticky, hard like nuts and no gum. go eat some soup, cake, ice cream, pasta, mac and cheese or some lasagna. depends how bad ur teeth hurt which i dont think should be much in the begining of the first couple of hours when u eat. good luck!<3

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    okay i have retainers now but i had braces and metal and shizz in my mouth since i was 7 or 8 and i swear the worst part of everything was the spacers! (i had; pallet expanders, head gear, lip bumber, retainer, braces, rubber bands, etc.) but really food wise? get a slushy, soup, mac n cheese even, i've had braces 2 or 3 times now and i usualy just eat soft soft foods the next few days.

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