What are common earthquake areas in the world?

i also need a history of devastating earthquakes in the world

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    Common earthquake areas are shown on this map:


    Good info on Wikipedia:


    List of deadly quakes since 1900:


    General list of earthquakes:


    List of natural disasters by death toll:


    Hope this helps! I'll see if I can find anything else.

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    Where Are Earthquakes Common

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    Where Do Most Earthquakes Occur in the World?

    The surface of the earth is divided like a jigsaw puzzle into giant pieces called tectonic or crustal plates. These giant pieces move slowly over partially melted rock known as the mantle. As they move, they slide along each other, move into each other, move away from each other, or one slips under another. On these active plate boundaries about 95% of all the world's earthquakes occur. California, Alaska, Japan, South America, and the Philippines are all on plate boundaries. Only 5% are in areas of the plates far away from the boundaries. These are called mid-plate or intra-plate earthquakes and are, as yet, poorly understood

    Famous Earthquakes

    San Francisco, California: April 18, 1906 (Magnitude: About 8)

    Tokyo, Japan: September 1, 1923 (Magnitude: About 8.25)

    Chile: May 22, 1960 (Magnitude: About 9)

    Anchorage, Alaska: March 27, 1964 (Magnitude: About 8.5)

    Tangshan, China: July 27, 1976 (Magnitude: About 7.5)

    Sumatra, Indonesia, Dec. 26, 2004. (Magnitude: About 9.0)

    Source(s): teacher.scholastic.com/activities/wwatch/earthquakes/famous.htm
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    It's worth adding to the above response: the Pacific's "Ring of Fire" is the most common place for earthquakes to happen.

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