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In Nba Fantasy yahoo sports tell me what you think of my team and if i should make any trades for any wholes..?

Baron Davis

Dwade Wade

Jason Terry

Marcus Camby

Elton Brand

Oj Mayo

Derric Rose

Jason Richardson

Kevin Love

Paul Peirce

Shaquille o neal

Jermane O neal

I offered barron davis and jerman o neal to someone for Chris paul.

Also offered Oj for Durrant. any other ideas or what do you think of my team. thanks!

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    I like your team a lot. You are very strong in the PG and SG slots, so don't get rid of any of your guards. You may actually have way more guards than you need. It looks like you are short on the Forward end. I would possibly look to trade away Jason Terry and Jason Richardson for some Forwards. As for your Center position, you have decent players, but seem a little week. Here's why: Kevin Love is a rookie who doesn't get much play time. Shaq can still put up great numbers, but he doesn't play all the games. Jermaine is still a good player too, but he has lost productivity at his position on his new team. I would definitely look to trade away Kevin Love and Elton Brand if you can obtain better Centers. Keep Shaq and Jermaine, but if you can get someone better, go for a trade.

    I like the OJ Mayo for Kevin Durant trade - good luck if the other decides to take it as you will be making out with the better trade.

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