TEFL Certificate Online?

Where can I take TEFL classes online that's not a rip off AND that's accredited? Thanks!

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    1 decade ago
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    First off, there is NO international independent accreditation for ANY course - regardless of whether it is online or offlline. CELTA, for example, is accredited by... CELTA!

    A good course is one which has a good reputation and any provider who says they are "fully accredited" is not telling the whole truth.

    So, you want a good online course. Try ICAL. They are established and most certainly not a ripoff.

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    It really depends on the course provider. CELTA recently developed an online course. TESL Canada recognizes online programs from reputable universities and private institutes like Ontesol. These are advanced programs and you need to take a Practicum to get TESL Canada accreditation. Then there are introductory 60-140 hours TESOL/TEFL courses, which is probably what you are asking about since most online courses fall in this category. The international standard is 100 hours and it is highly recommended to upgrade your credentials with a specialist course such as TEYL. Most introductory online courses are accepted for entry-level jobs in Asia, Latin America, and parts of Europe. Of course, there are a few course providers that offer very poor programs and as well as there are poor on-site courses (Generally weekend courses in a seminar format).

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    Online TEFL certs are not worth the paper they're written on. You need to have classroom practice and assessment.

    Try the Cambridge CELTA course - it's widely recognised, available everywhere and will teach you useful skills. It may be more expensive initially but will pay dividends in the long run.

    As a DOS I would discard any application from someone with only an online qualification.

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    Check out your local State University. I took some courses through Southeast Missouri State U in that area. I'm pretty sure a lot of them offer those courses since they are in demand.

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