Science Fair Environmental Engineering?

I'm looking for an idea for my science fair that has to do with environmental engineering. Anyone have any ideas? It would be good if it didn't have to do with solar either, because I live in Vermont, where in these cold months, as you would guess, there isn't much sun! :) Thanks a bunch!

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    1 decade ago
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    Back when I was taking some environmental engineering course, (or was it when I was working for an environmental agency) and our engineering society/agency wanted to do demonstrations for the public for "Earth Day" or something like that, we came up with the idea of showing how pollution can be removed from water by using activated carbon. (you should be able to get some at a local supply or hobby store. I'm not sure the stuff for pet fish aquariums is the same stuff).

    As part of our demonstrations, we put some blue food coloring in water and poured it through a "column" of activated carbon. Of course, the water came out clear (until eventually the carbon was saturated).

    Anyway - it was simple and had good visual effects.

    That's one idea. You might be able to jazz it up a bit more too.

    Hope it helps.

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