How do you download music on the G1 phone?

I just bought the new G1 phone by Google and can't seem to figure out how to download music. My husband has the iphone and keeps bragging about how easy it is for him to get music! Help!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First Off Im 12 So parden my grammer.

    As an owner of a G1 i can tell you how to do it both ways.

    First off you CANT connect it to Itunes, Windows Media or any other Mp3 Provider.

    There are Three Possiblilities.

    1- If you already have The Mp3 Files~

    Go to My Computer and you should see Something Like Removable Disk (E.) Or any other letter. That means your phone is connected to your computer. Go to your phone and drag down the white bar on the top ( Notifications) and Touch the USB Connected Button. After clicking it you should see two options Mount, And Dont Mount. Touch Mount. After hitting mount go back to your computer and double click the Removeable Disk (X) and you should Open up a Folder. Make a new folder and name it "Music" Without the Quotes after making the file, just drag and drop your music into this folder and you should have it in your music player on your G1.

    2- Buy your songs from Amazon Music

    3- Download Songs From your browser FROM your phone

    And For option One you are not able to drag Mp3 Files bought from ITUNES because they are locked and your G1 wont be able to read the files.

    Source(s): Me, ( I have a G1 )
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    1 decade ago

    hey if you want to download music for your G1 phone then try using where you will find the best and good quality sound which you can play in your G1 phone. i have been using kptunes for a while now and i am happy the way it works. now here is the thing that you also want to transfer music to your G1 phone then the G1 is drag and drop -- that is to say, you have to plug it into either a PC or a Mac, where it shows up as an external drive and you can copy & paste or drag & drop over the music files or folders. I prefer less thinking and activity for my transfers.

    Good Luck

  • 5 years ago

    You can try using limewire as well to download the songs,just open up the file with your phone on the computer,open up limewire/iTunes and copy the song onto your mobile phone,I did it alot and it works :P

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