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I'm looking for inexpensive Shiba Inu puppies. Any help?

The puppy doesn't need to have any great pedigree or the top of the litter. I would even take a runt. But I have not-so-much cash. $100-$300 if that is at all possible.

Shibu Inu only, pretty please.

Please give me a link to a site if you can find one.

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    Make up your mind - do you want a Shiba or not? The reason you should buy from a responsible breeder is because these are the people who keep the Shiba looking and acting like it's supposed to, not to mention keeping painful (and expensive) genetic problems out of the breed.

    If you can't afford more than $100-300, how are you going to pay for vet care, food and the other attendant costs?

    Save your money and learn more about the Shiba.

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    Shiba inus are hard to find in the US and even when found are not cheap; no dog is. If you can't afford more than $100-$300 you can't afford the dog. You will burn through that kind of money fast getting all the supplies and vet care needed for a healthy dog/puppy, especially if you get a runt (they are often sickly as well as small with VERY expensive health problems). Shibas are not recommended for first time dog owners, so if this is your first dog, find another breed or be prepared to work for a long time with owners/breeders on preparing for one. You might want to rethink the part about not needing to have a "great pedigree" or be "top of the litter." "Show breeders" breed to the standard and only when they can improve the breed in type, health, and temperament. Their "pet quality" dogs have minor faults that are invisible or unimportant to the average pet owner while still being sound in temperament and structure. Their puppies may cost more than those from a BYB, but they are well worth it. Do not bargain hunt for a dog or you will pay the price in the end: both emotionally and financially.

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    Shiba Inu's are pretty rare in the US, if you want one for that kind of money, best way to go is through a rescue org.

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    Not so much cash = Shouldn't own a dog. If you can't shell out the dough to buy it, how are you going to pay to care for it? Dogs cost money in many ways.

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