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Profile of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.!!!?

Please have a look on the detail profile of Walmart Stores Inc;

Walmart is the Top Company of the Fortune 1000 Companies World.

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    Yes, and that is very sad, considering the amount of foreign made crap they sell. I am not saying everything that is foreign is crap, just many of the things Wal-Mart sells. Wal-Mart is the largest company, with the most money in sales, but it is not the most profitable. Here is the Forbes 2000

    Then read my personal horror stories from shopping there

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    For Q2,3,4 enter the symbol for Wal-Mart [WMT] in yahoo Finance asking for a quote and you will be on a summary page Current price Day High and Low Year High and Low The Charts will show the dividends amount and dates Click on all links and read to learn. You will have more Qs. Outstanding is shares on the market vs. Authorized for sale or award. Q1 you could contact a Broker or the Company there is a summary somewhere and maybe a search engine will pick it up. Enjoy your day and make a buck or two.

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