Would you sign for your 17 year old to get a tattoo?

My brother and I want to get tattoos (no matching) In memory of our 6 year old cousin that was killed by a drunk driver 5 years ago. I'm a month away from 21 this is my 2nd tattoo. My younger brother wants to get an old english J along with the the dates and only the good die young above it. My mom is taken alot of heat from her sisters for signing for my brothers tattoo. My mom said its not a big deal (my mom had 2 very small tattoos my dad has 6) They also paid for my tattoo when I turned 18. My mom reasons is its his body, and whats a couple months he turns 18 in april.

Would you sign for your child at 17? To get a tattoo? Is my mom super wrong about this?


His tattoo is about 3 and half 4 inchs on his upper arm. He is pretty muscular. So it will look very nice. My mom has seen the pic but not what the tattoo artist ( who did my first tattoo) has finshed drawing up.

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    i would sign for my daughter as long as it wasnt something real crazy. i got my first tattoo when i was 16 (without permission) and i still love it and im 27 so i would sign for my daughter as long as it was something that was decent. getting your cousins name who passed away is something i would definitely sign for. tell her family its her life and her kids and to go live thier own life and not worry about what goes on in your house. i hate when people give "advice" to parents when it is not needed nor wanted.

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    Both my husband and I both have tattoos so wouldn't have a problem signing for our son to have one. Although if he was 17 i'd probably just tell him to wait until he was 18 (can have it done at 18 in UK). Yes its not long until he's 18 and he's going to get it done anyway but if its only a few months then why can't he wait and not need conscent.

    Oh either way, what's the difference.

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    I wont say your mom is wrong for agreeing to the tat.. its her choice (besides he will be 18 soon enough anyways!).. its not like he's getting something odd or unusual anyays.

    I personally dont think I'd sign for it.. I'd let my child wait until they were 18. That way if they decide later that they dont like the ink, then it was 100% their decision! Also letting my child wait until the age of 18 would give them a few extra months to think about whether or not they really want the tattoo.

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    If he is turning 18 soon he'd only go and do it anyway, so for that reason, and as she is obviously ok with tattoos, I see nothing wrong with her signing. As it is for a cousin that was killed it also makes a difference - it is a remembrance thing not just some stupid idea that he has of how getting a tattoo is cool.

    He is old enough to know what having a tattoo means and it is up to him.

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    I don't think she is wrong. First of all, the difference of a few months in his maturity is negligible. And since it isn't a spur of the moment decision, or something he just saw on a wall and decided might look good, it's not a bad decision. Your brother would be very unlikely to change his mind about the tattoo in the few months he would have to wait until his birthday.

    Just because her sisters are not into tattoos, doesn't mean they should stick their nose in your guys' business if you want to. :)

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    No way is she super wrong. Im sure she knows her own son well enough to at least have an idea whats going on in his head. And yeah, whats a couple of months?

    There is ALWAYS gonna be people who dislike tattoos. I know plenty who absolutely hate them. A friend of mine was told to his face that the tattoo on his arm stopped him from getting a job he went for.

    A great tattoo can be an amazing thing and Mom knows it.

    I just wish I had the guts to get one.

    Good luck.

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    My 16 year old son has a memorial tattoo for his grandparents and I don't think your Mom is wrong at all

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    Personally, i wouldn't have a problem signing for my 17 year old (not that my kid is that old yet) any younger than that, i would be a hypocrite, i got my first tat at 17, and without parental consent. I don't think your mother is wrong at all. It's her son, and its not like she was forcing him to get a tattoo.. If he is the one who approached your mother then there isn't a problem.

  • Kathy
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    4 years ago

    Not going to happen. Even if for some odd reason he was your legal guardian *Which he wouldn't be* i still wouldn't tattoo you.

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    Awwh that's really sweet and sentimental, i would totally sign for my 17 year old to get a tattoo!!

    And i agree with your mom it's his body let him do what he wants!! xx

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    no tattoos are becoming much more socially acceptible, just try to make sure he get it in a place that is easily covered up ie chest bicep or leg.

    i am 18 and my mother and father payed for my tattoo when i was 17 but they insisted that i could hide it if i chose to.

    this is really important for job interviews ect

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