with all of our modern conveniences ...how many of you worry that your children will be easily swayed by?

another belief?

this one is for everyone....

for atheists.....the preachers/evangelicals on TV?

for christians...the TV.

for muslims...preachers, atheists..etc

for Jews....The TV



Flossy: does it concern you that if you dont prepare them for the real world around them, that they will be shocked once they get out in it on thier own?

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    I think it is not only healthy but nescessary to learn and know all aspects of every beleife for the simple fact if you don't know where the other person is coming from it is more difficult to be patient , tolerant , and kind with their way of thinking, also it will help me to focus on the truth that i beleive in because i will see the other side and what my beleif system is up against.

    how many of you worry that your children will be easily swayed by?.. I am not so much worried that my kids will be easily swayed , as I am about satans destraction that will tempt them to do things that are harmful and fatal.

    God wants us to love him on our own free will.. not forced , so I think that is what I am going on here, they have free choice on what to beleive although it is my job to be sure they are educated in the truth the best way I know how.

    pray like you never have and if you havent start.



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    I think our "modern conveniences" are improving the situation.

    Religions thrive on ignorance. The more people are exposed to other cultures and the more they are allowed to ask questions, the less hold that religion has over them. The Internet is really what's fueling the culture war. Nobody can make a claim anywhere without a blog being thrown up to oppose it.

    Forums like this one are especially good. They allow people who have questions about religion ask them, and the answers come from people with a wide variety of backgrounds.

    Although it's not perfect, it does remove islands of extreme beliefs. As an example, Iran is currently under a strict censorship of outside influences. However, my wife's family, who lives in Iran, has full access to the Internet and satellite TV, and they are getting a different story than the government's party line. You find that in other countries, too. Even in the US, a person living in a small religious town is more connected with the rest of the country and not just the local religious indoctrination.

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    There is no doubt in my mind that children are swayed y what they see on tv and in movies. And the morals displayed in these venues are enough to make any parent christian or not be concerned..They are bombarded on every side by crudity, nudity, casual sex, foul language, violence, and the ends justifies the means behavior modeled by the actors and the writers to the point where it is difficult for them to see it as not normal or mainstream.

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    I am not worried at all.

    I have made a great effort to instill a requirement of reason in my kids.

    If they find a way to reason the existence of God or Leprechauns or Allah or Vishnu or ancestor's ghosts or karma I will love and support them until they realize how incredibly unreliable faith turns out to be.

    In the end I am fine with them believing in any belief system, as long as they then don't use it as an excuse to hurt others, or adopt and expectation of pain and suffering for others.

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    As an atheist, I don't worry about it. In fact I encourage my children to learn as much about as many possible religions as possible. This is the best inoculation against them all.

    Most people are only religious because they are indoctrinated into one and only one belief system almost from the moment of birth.

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    I hope whatever my children choose to believe in or not believe in suits them and serves them well. I'm not afraid in the least.

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    You forgot about cartoon witches and ghosts too, ooooh scary. And don't forget about Harry Potter, isn't that a religion too?

  • Of course I worry, but while my kids are at home, i carefully supervise what they watch, listen to, and we also have bible study. We attend church every time the doors are open. And after they grow up to do what they want, I just hope that they will continue to know what is right. The bible says that they that were taught will return. and most of all I Pray!!!

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    as parents, one of the single most important thing is to pray for your children. We can not save our children, for that must come from God alone. Pray for their salvation and their future spouses salvation.

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    Actually, I don't worry. I pray that what they have been taught is part of them and they will not be swayed so easily.

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