Looking for a low-light, low water, low maint plant that won't die on me :)?

I feel bad. Over the years, I've sort of become a genocidal maniac when it comes to houseplants. It's not on purpose, to be sure...I'm just very absent-minded and forget to water them fairly consistently. On top of that, I live in Fargo, ND, and its' relatively dark a good deal of teh time, so the plants I would need would be able to subsist in an apartment wiht the blinds constantly drawn. I'm hoping there's something a little more extravagant than a cactii, tho I'm aware they need lots of sunlight...you know what I mean, tho. I dig leafy plants, but I get the impression they don't do well in this type of environment. I'd like to get a few, as well, in hopes they'd help clean up teh smokey environment, at least a little. It's happened in teh past, so I see no reason why it wouldn't now. I suppose I could open by blinds some, on sunny days, to let a little light in, but again, the absent minded thing comes into play.

Any varieties suited to my dark, dank environment would be appreciated :)

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  • Glory
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    1 decade ago
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    The ZZ plant is perfect for the conditions that you are talking about.

    I have two of them and love mine.



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    To be honest I wouldn't bother with even low light plants in a tank without a proper lighting system above. Any plants just won't be able to grow fast enough to keep up being eaten and uprooted by Goldies. I would either replace the lighting system, not just the bulbs, get a new tank, or stick with silk plants instead!

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    All plants require the basics for sustaining life... such as light, moisture, and nourishment. If you don't want to leave your blinds open enough to allow light in, then you should provide some other source of light for your plants (there are special bulbs for plants that help to give them the right light and temp they need). Also, certain plants require certain temperatures in order to thrive, so it would be wise to find out what type of plants would adapt to your own environment before you randomly throw in some new plants. Nourishment is essential to the vitality of a plant, and this can vary a lot, depending on the plant... and the time of year. During their dormant stage you should not feed them. It really does pay off to do at least your basic research on the types of plants you want to have before you get them. It's not much different than adopting a new pet... there's just certain things you have to know about taking care of them. There's a wealth of information available online, and most have pictures of all the different types of plants, so it's easier to pick and choose what you want. It would be worth your time to look it over, and save you a lot of time in the long-run. It will help you decide what the best plants are for you to have. One of the hardiest and easiest plants to take care of is the Pothos. It's the one you see in almost every business establishment you go into. They like to be thirsty between waterings, do not require much in the way of maintenance, and the really cool thing about them is that you can start new plants off of them so easily. You just cut one of the many vines they produce and stick it in water until it grows enough roots to plant it. They're very easy to take care of and very attractive plants. But, as I mentioned, if you truly want to be successful with your plants, do your homework first. Pick the right ones.... know the basics... and have fun with them! Here's a tip, too.... if you tend to forget watering your plants, invest in one of those glass water globes that you can get that waters your plants for you. You just fill it with water, place it into the soil, and it slowly dispenses the water as the soil dries. Then, all you have to do is remember to refill the water globe! Do your plants a favor and treat them like the living things they are. Only artificial ones can be totally ignored... and they don't clean the air, they just gather dust. I wish you great success!

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    Absolutely hands down, no fuss easy, easy.


    Mother-in-law's tongue or Sanseveria.

    You only need to water in winter every couple of months.

    It could practically grow in a closet.



    Devil's Ivy

    This is the sprawling one that some people mistake for a philodendron that is great in a hanging basket OR in a plant stand with tendrils hanging down.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Golden Pothos ( I hope I spelled it right ) are relatively easy to raise. I'v had them for years and years and I just love them. It's a vine so you can string the vines along the ceiling and they look beautiful that way. Give them a shot. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Get yourself a mother-in-laws tongue or hen-n-chicks. Both of these plants are extremely low maintenance and thrive on neglect! Light doesn't effect either of these plants they're just happy to be alive!! Hope you enjoy!

  • 1 decade ago

    Pothos. I used to grow them in my cubicle world and they did fine on neglect, better with a little tlc.

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