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If we were to meet, face to face...?

in a neutral setting -- say a wedding reception or something -- do you think we could accurately identify each other ?

Of course, I am referring to my contacts here, but any answer is appreciated.

I wonder if I could pick out each of my contacts in a single room. I'm sure I could spot Vet, and maybe even a couple of others, (to remain nameless). However, to win this competition, you would need to be confident enough to ID each of your contacts in this room.

Are you confident enough?


Edit -- The first few answers here ... well that's the reason that I don't ASK !

I wish that I could choose, "Only my contacts may answer."

Where is THAT option?

Update 2:

I'm back -- my internet was down yesterday. To clarify, I was a little dissapointed in only the first three answers, hence my hissy fit about contacts only. I was glad to hear from Dix, Btw Dix you are a contact now, NOT the only one here from the south, (hint, hint), and of course are invited to the party -- as soon as Reader hits that jackpot.

Wedding was just an example; let's make it a New Years Eve party at a 'swanky',(CK1) hotel, so no tipsy driving right? Reader can afford rooms for all now anyway.

Vet kind of gave away a good bit in his profile, thus my confidence. However, CK1 pegged me. Whether it's VET or another, I would be found laughing, or providing fodder for laughter, and then laughing too.

Arabesque, I'm glad I'm not the only person who can 'hear' the voices! Yes what's inside is most important -- pity the world population doesn't get it.

Amy -- interesting twist!

Kelsey -- there's not a lot of 14 year-olds out there as mature as you.

Update 3:

Blue Coral -- it makes perfect sense.

I noticed that I haven't been very case sensitive in respect to profile names; I'll try to pay more attention.

Kelsey cracked me up wit da whole mob scene, see. Kinda like when I goes whacking trolls about, see... Don't get me started... We'd definately have 'Italian' security -- hand picked.

reader -- apparently we do have a lot in common. A team of oxen couldn't drag me, kicking and screaming, to MY wedding. Also, I don't quite believe, "they're smarter than I am" is accurate. I think all commonly named contacts are pretty much on the same page. Some may have expertise in one area over another, but I bet we all even out overall. Heck, I bet collectively, we could beat the crappolla out of a super computer in a game of, "beat a super computer with a baseball bat." Seriously, I don't think anyone here is anything but smart, thoughtful, and sincere.

Vet, thinking 'otherwise' is what we do here -- and the reason I like here.

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    I'll be back later to actually answer. Just didn't want you to feel ignored!

    I'm back.

    Well, one of my contacts doesn't count because we've known each other since 1991. Another I've never met in person, but we're good friends and I've seen pictures, so I guess that one doesn't count either.

    Of the rest it would be somewhat dependent on if I knew they were going to be there. If I did know, then there are at least 6 or 7 that I think I'd be able to peg pretty quickly. I don't really know all of my contacts that well, but there are a few that I pay a lot of attention to and have picked up clues about their appearance and such, so that would help a lot. There's one whom I have no idea of her looks but I know her approximate age and I'm guessing we'd run into each other out back, smoking a cigarette and shaking our heads over some fool shenanigan.

    Interestingly, I picture all of my contact friends as being above average in not only their proven intelligence (they're all smarter than I am), but also in physical appearance. I have no idea why I think that, so it would be interesting to actually see some of them. I'm sure most don't really look as I imagine, but I'm also pretty sure that just a little conversation would go a long way in my identification process. Almost all of us regulars have pet words, phrases or sentence constructions, and I can't believe they only appear on the board. I know mine don't. I really do talk funny.

    Because of those things mentioned above, I think that even if I didn't know they were going to be there I would be at least suspicious, or have an overpowering sense of something like deja vu if I ran into them blind. Just a little personal information would clinch it in most of those cases.

    Interesting story: There was a user who was a contact of mine and we got to be friends. She had some time constraints and computer issues and said she'd be off for awhile. Not too much later a new person appeared on the board and I got quite attached to her as well. Soon I became suspicious and after much deliberation finally asked the new one if she were in fact the old one. She was, which proves to me that the decent people here really aren't masking themselves all that much despite the much vaunted "internet anonymity".

    On a side note, I can guarantee that if a certain brash and witty little Australian ever shows up again I will know her in a heartbeat, no matter how hard she tries to hide! Come back, come back, oh SuperMinion!

    On another, I'm curious as to why you're so sure you'd recognize Vet? Just wondering.

    I really hope you get more answers. In the interest of that I'm starring you. As far as getting answers primarily from ones contacts, I try to make sure that at least a few of them are on when I ask. That seems to really help get the ball rolling. I also like to find a way to sneak it into their favorite category, though that isn't too important really. It's basically always a crapshoot.

    This question was fun, it made me think about how much time I really do put into thinking about some of these people, and just how real they are to me. To all my great contacts: Thank you for your friendship, you mean a lot to me!

    P.S. If I ever hit the jackpot I'm gonna have that party!

    ***Edit) Duh! After all that, I guess I didn't really answer your specific question at all.

    No, I'm not confident that I could ID them all, but I'm pretty sure I would recognize a decent sized group of them, given half a chance. I guess I automatically lose then, don't I? Oh well, that's nothing new!

    ***Edit 2) Geez guys, I did this whole discreet name-no- names thing, and then you all come in and make me look like some kind of ice queen or something! OK, here's my analysis of my core group, which is not intended in any way to diminish the significance of my other contacts. These are just the people I play with the most and all of them are friends.

    Alright, I'd know Vet at midnight in the middle of a blizzard, OK?

    I know that arabesque would be immediately plain to me not because of anything to do with appearance but because she is in my heart. You -set- the standard honey, you needn't live up to anything else. Your kind words mean more to me than you can possibly know. Thank you.

    Kelsey has got to be the bright and laughing eyed pixie, regardless of age. I suck at judging people's ages anyway. Probably because I never believe in my own. I think I'd sniff out her satirical humor and her sense of observation. I have nothing on Kelsey, ck1, see how she's been reading bruckcie's answers?

    ck1 I think I'd know because she would be the calm and kindhearted one who helped get the ill gotten stain off the white dress while catching my eye behind the back of the gown wearer in recognition of the silliness inherent in the circumstance. (Yeah, we'd be in the lounge, I tend to get turned to because I never act like anything is an emergency, just a problem. People seem to find it soothing.)

    Dix, well, Dix and I would exchange glances too, and they would be kind hearted but quite possibly just a little more jaded than the one that ck1 would offer. We'd also find many old fashioned and unrelated topics over which to laugh. While smoking and raising a glass. And talking about dogs. Then ck1 would show up, and by that time the cadre would have a kick me sign on its back. Pretty soon there'd be at least 4 tiny women and one big guy yucking it up. At that point anyone looking for us would have to be braindead to miss the clues.

    Azriel has a dry and Puckish sense of humor that would be immediately apparent to me. I have no clue what she may look like, but one backhanded, intelligent quip and it would be all over for her anonymity.

    bruckcie, I'm starting to have a much better sense of who you are, though I liked you from the time you added me. Now that you've been romping through Vet's questions, I've paid closer attention, and I think we have a lot in common. You'd still be the hardest for me though, but that's just a matter of time.

    Oh and, guys? If I ever do have that party rest assured that it will NOT be a wedding reception. At least not mine!

    ***Edit) Dix, all I meant by old-fashioned is that we'd share some cultural references that wouldn't necessarily be familiar to all. I'm kind of proud of being old-fashioned and really, the whole group is to some extent. We all form complete sentences, after all!

    ***Edit, again!) You know it bruckcie. Open bar and the rooms are on me. Maybe we should just reserve the whole place, and if it's a New Year's party I guarantee that it'll be somewhere warm, Hawaii maybe, or Key West. Anywhere but the upper Midwest.

    Umm, Blue Coral? I've split my many years of life between Minneapolis, MN and Madison, WI. I know exactly how it is up here, and I know that I don't like it one little bit, especially in January.

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    I divide my time among several groups in Y/A but find that this bunch is one of the most tightly knit, and the participants more thoughtful and considerate than others, not to mention articulate, but that's a truism. I don't think I could identify anyone by sight (except the Vet, but he's already given himself away), but I bet that if I closed my eyes and just listened to them speak I could pick out a few, Dix without a doubt. After all, she was my very first contact.

    * I have a feeling that were such an event to take place, it wouldn't be spontaneous, in fact, probably so well-planned it could hardly take place without a theme and the attendees would arrive in the guise of fictional characters or, if that's too simple, their creators. Better yet, they'd pair off; Fitzgerald and Daisy Buchanan; Ayn Rand and Howard Roark; Hemingway and Santiago; Sylvia Plath and Esther Greenwood (any twins out there?)...

  • Anonymous
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    Interesting, and flattering that I'd be so easy to spot. Truth is, it'd be even easier than some may think. I really do wear a green hat all the time (Our school color is green, and thus, my college cap is green!), and frequently walk around with a Lonestar (at least a Lonestar coozie!).

    Add: On further reflection, there are probably a lot of things that would surprise people about me as well, for instance: I'm quite shy and extremely uncomfortable in large groups! (Decided to add this bit after I considered the likelihood of me hanging around an event like this, as fun as it would be, I'd likely bail out early in favor of the anonymity of a bar. The internet has nothing on a bar!)

    Like Reader, I'd be able to cheat on my first two. I could spot her and Dix in a crowd because I have photos! :P

    CK1 and Azriel I'm sure I could pick out if I could hear them talking, and I don't think subject matter would be an issue. I could pick up on the patterns, I'm sure of it.

    Arabesque - I'd simply identify the most reasonable young woman in the place and I'd have her spotted! Which isn't to say reason is his her only distinctive quality, but in the world we live in it's rare enough to be startlingly noticeable when you make it's acquaintance.

    Kelsey - She could go a couple directions, but I'm reasonably sure age would hint me in, and then I'd listen for laughter. Young and happy, perhaps a little snide, I think I could track her down.

    I think I could get TM. His humor is distinctive, and he's said he's a poker player, so if he carries a deck of cards with him it would be a great clue!

    Hafwen is a contact I'm not sure about, but she's the only Aussie contact I have left, so she'd likely be simple based on accent alone. (Assuming our wedding reception wasn't in Australia, in which case I'd be at an utter loss.)

    You, Bruckcie, would easily take me the longest. My newest contact, for one, and also the most varied answerer I have. I'd have to wait until the evening had gone to joyous silliness before I could pick you out with certainty, but at that point I'm sure I could!

    Nice question! I've often wondered if I got around all my contacts if our conversations would result in Q&A format? Each taking a turn trying to make the others laugh, or encourage thoughtful commentaries. I could think of many worse ways to spend an evening!

    Source(s): Add: To clarify, I'm pretty sure I could spot them, I don't have many is a prime reason, but there's always the likely possibility I'd be completely thrown. Though, I like to think otherwise, it's a much nicer cosmos when you have the option of thinking otherwise.
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    I want to meet Monta Ellis and ask him what he's going to do for the 30 games where he's gone. Baron Davis and ask him how it feels to be number 9 in the West this upcoming season. Corey Maggatte and tell him how much fun it's going to be playing for the Warriors. Finally Kobe Bryant, and ask him about his work ethic to become such a great player.

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    I don't know why, but I think I could peg Vet, too. arabesque would be easy to find as well. Tourterelle, I already know how she looks because of her old avatars, so I could find her too.

    As for the rest, I don't really know if I could or not. From outward appearance alone, I'm not so sure. Just today I was thinking, "If I asked a question asking everyone to post a picture of themselves, how many would do it?" but I doubt many would and then I would be reported.

    If I could just talk to them, I would probably catch on. Knowing my contacts though, they'd figure it out immediately and I'd have to catch up. We all have our little catch phrases and mannerisms that I'm sure seep into our real lives, even in bland social situations such as weddings. I would eventually find all of them, or they would find me-- but I wouldn't win!

    Source(s): If I had my way, I would just be able to sit in the corner and watch people. That's what I would be doing in one of these dry situations since I can't drink, drive, or smoke (and especially not all three at one time). I like to just sit with someone and watch the crowd do what crowds do. If you want to find me, just look for the girl quietly amused at (seemingly) nothing, trying to be as invisible as possible. Feel free to join me, because it's always nice to have a partner in observation, and you'll help me look less crazy (because I fail at being invisible). Nobody ever seems to find me unapproachable, and I often find myself face to face with a stranger who's decided that I'm their new best friend, so if one of my contacts walked up it wouldn't seem strange at all. I'd really like that to happen some time. ** Well, Vet, you'd have to see me aggravated for me to get snide; usually, I'm not. I get aggravated on Y!A much more easily than I do in person. I'm nicer in real life and I keep my remarks to myself (or the closest neighbor). You'd have to find another way to find me! *** I would -not- be playing with fire, arabesque! It's bad manners to play with fire at weddings unless you're being paid to do so. If there was a candle nearby, I might poke it with something, but I wouldn't bring lighters or anything. I could borrow a lighter from reader, though, I guess (and she would be arrested for assisted arson if I caught something on fire). Believe it or not, I actually prefer to play with water, but I've been trying to learn how to light short matches lately and I've been having trouble; that's what all this is about (though the book-on-fire was with lighters). Normally, I'm more of an aquamaniac than a pyro. I look like my old avatar, but not the phantom mask or the key. :p Everyone is saying they could find me based on age, but there are a lot of fourteen-year-old girls out there. **** Key-face sounds like some sort of old mob name, ck1. I would have gotten that name because when I was young, see, I made the boss real mad, see, 'cuz I couldn't catch, see. I was a klutz, see, and he threw the keys at my face and told me to open the door, and they hit me in the face real hard, see. Nows I got an indent on my face, see, and they calls me Key-face. **** Aw, reader, we knew you weren't an ice queen. It's just I like to break rules when I can get away with it (and apparently so do the rest of us). **** If we -do- have this jackpot party, it's going to have to be sometime over breaks. (I'm inviting myself, of course.) I couldn't miss school. You wouldn't want me to have to take finals would you? *gasp* Finals are bad because I'm bad at taking tests and they make me cranky.
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    I'm not your contact, but I believe I wouldn't be able to pick out my contacts unless I spoke to them. Because... we converse without seeing each other, and so I would have to "see" what's inside them to know who they are. Does that make sense?

    EDIT: Reader ~ Anywhere but the upper Midwest? Lol, it's not that bad up here, well, in the summer it's not that bad. -15 F is quite miserable... If I'm invited, my vote is for someplace tropical!:)

    Another EDIT: I think you guys could pretty easily pick me out. For some reason, I picked the avatar that most resembles myself, and yes, I'm usually smiling too. Although my hair isn't often fixed up as nicely as my avatar's.

  • ck1
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    I'm relatively confident that I would, eventually, navigate to the right group (at least). No doubt failures would result from approaching people who looked the way some of my contacts do in my imagination. This would be cleared up pretty quickly merely by listening to their conversation.

    Then I'd use my intelligence instead of my imagination and listen for the group having the most fun. Aha...and there they are!

    If they hadn't congregated yet, I'd search for some individuals sneaking out of the room for a smoke break and follow. I'd be sure to meet up with a few there.

    Believe it or not, another place I'd go - if I haven't yet successfully identified some of my contacts - is the "lounge" area (assuming this is a swanky place) of the ladies room and would meet up with a few of my female contacts there. For some reason, I'm the one people talk to in settings like that. It was a standing joke in college that, if I went to the ladies room before eating lunch, my friends might not see me for 30 minutes or more since, generally, some stranger would open up and tell me her problems.

    All things considered, I believe I could pick out a good number of my contacts even among a large group of strangers. It would be a question of listening more than anything else. (By the way, I hope you don't mind, bruckcie, but I added you to my contacts. I've meant to do it before - when you added me, in fact (I really enjoy your answers) - but have been lax. Sorry about that.)

    If you wanted to identify me, look for the one who is rather quiet and reserved....and short. (Don't listen for rambling; I do that more in answering questions than in conversation.)

    Another thing: reader, I don't believe for a second that all of your contacts are more intelligent than you! Yea, right...

    This was an interesting, and thought-provoking, question. Good one, bruckcie.

    ***Add: I believe reader is more observant than I and would identify mutual contacts more quickly. Thus, reader would be more likely to win your "challenge" than I.

    ***Edit: Darn, I was sure I could identify "key face," Kelsey! If you don't mind, I'll join you in the corner.

    Vet, I really doubt your contacts would allow you to escape so easily. [BTW: To be recognized so easily confirms my suspicion that I could never pass for a "mysterious" woman! Another dream bites the dust. :) ]

    I may be wrong, arabesque, but I think you might be able to spot me merely by looking for the one of similar height to you. I also have a habit of carrying amazingly large handbags wherever I go. My brother tells me I must include everything but the kitchen sink in them & my bags would make excellent weapons should the need arise. :)

    ***Edit2: I'm going to enjoy sitting in that corner with you, Kelsey!

    ***BTW: bruckcie, I think I might "recognize" you, too. All I'd have to do is find two people talking together and laughing, two who are cracking me up and making me say, "you're bad" at the same time, and I'd know I'd found bruckcie and Vet.

    reader, I'd be in the shadows while you and Dix are raising a glass and enjoying a smoke, talking about dogs and laughing and speaking about old-fashioned things and unrelated items...enjoying myself immensely. I'd "enter" when there was a lull in the conversation and join in. Since I've been sitting there in the corner with Kelsey, hopefully she'd join in, too.

    ***Edit: Did somebody say open bar, Hawaii & free rooms? Whew...reader, will you please hurry up and win that jackpot, already? I'll let you know if I win one in the meantime. Of course, you actually have to play something...say, the win one. Maybe some kind-hearted stranger who just won the lottery will spontaneously decide to give all the winnings to me. That would be perfectly normal, right?

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    hmm, I'd have to be honest and say probably not. Thought this question did raise another to me that I've wondered...of all the people online that one runs into...chatting, messaging, myspace, many of these would we actually get along with face to face? There's so many different aspects and mannerisms of people that simply can't be described on a screen. hmmm, leaves ya wondering huh?

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not one of your contacts, but I have friends here so may I join in?

    I'm an observer so given a few minutes into this party, I think I could pick them out, at least a few certain ones from B&A :

    I only have to imagine ck1 stepping out of a Jane Austen novel. I think I'd know her by observing the most well-mannered, rather quiet (at first) but lovely and charming lady in the room. Who knows, she may have prepared the food. And now I know to look for the largest handbag! (I would probably have the smallest, if I had one at all. What I would have is my camera bag slung over one shoulder.) I'd gravitate to her immediately.

    To locate arabesque, I'd look for the most petite person in the room, intelligent and funny, pretty, with coal black hair and glasses. Maybe a little shy at first, but I like that about her. Arabesque is dear and sweet and I adore her. I'd find her, absolutely.

    For Kelsey, even if she hadn't yet said a word, I'd definitely pick up on that lively sense of humor shooting like bright little sparks in her eyes, packaged in a person who looks much younger than her agile mind.

    I have an advantage with Vet; I've seen his pictures, too. He wouldn't stay shy for long, though, not with the rest of us in tow. He's my darlin. (I'm a grandmother so I'm allowed.)

    Although I have no picture in my mind of what reader looks like, I'd know her. We're quite different, I think, yet we share a sense of irony and she delights me with that sharp wit and a kindness that impresses me and sometimes surprises me. She blows me away with her talent -- talent she probably fails to see or appreciate enough. Oh yes, I'd find that woman even if it meant catching up with her out back for a smoke.

    Some of my other dear ones, such as Azriel, and the ones I've only recently become familiar with might take me a little bit longer, but I'd find you all.

    Once we had the whole gang together, I'd just sit back, watch, listen, and thoroughly enjoy myself.

    But hey, am I really old fashioned?

    Note: Those of you who have my email address can find me on Facebook.

    **Squeakyweal ... it always pleases me when you pop up in B&A. I think I'd know you, too, especially if you wore the hat. You like my kind of music and, judging on what I've learned about you and from you on here, we'd have many things we could talk and laugh and commiserate about.

    **It occurred to me that I'm the only one here south of the Mason-Dixon line. You'd all have me pegged the moment I opened my mouth.

    **Now darlin Reader, I was picking on you and ck1 just a tiny bit. Truth is I am a little old fashioned but I like it that way. To some degree it's a choice, you know? Think of it as familiar territory, comfortable, with many of the things I love.

    **Arabesque, I know you are Arab and that made me picture black hair. Well, that and your previous avatar. At least I got the length right. Funny how those things work to influence us, huh?

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  • emilia
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    1 decade ago

    I wonder whose wedding this would have to be in order to bring all of my contacts and I together? Everyone lives in a different state, and I'm pretty sure at least one of my contacts lives outside the US sometimes. I am definitely not one to attend weddings, either. Regardless, though, that would be one awesome day I’d really look forward to!

    I'm guessing I'll probably be the easiest person for my contacts to spot, for obvious, outward reasons. Not personality or anything good like that, and I’ve never been called reasonable before, Vet! :) I could actually act like a meeting point, couldn’t I? Once you find me, you’ll find some of your other contacts, too. That’s not cheating, is it?

    I have thirty contacts. Three, I'd be able to recognize because they've previously posted photos of themselves. Twenty-two, I wouldn’t be able to or it would take me a while because a)they’re relatively new contacts, b)they haven’t been on in a while, or c) I don’t think I know them well enough to be able to spot them. -Maybe- I could get Epiphany, or Azriel, or Blue Coral, perhaps Nada, but I’d probably be mistaken. I remember Kelsey saying that at one point her avatar did resemble her. Then of course there’s her age, and I think I’d recognize her personality too. You never know, she might also be playing with fire at the wedding. Then I’d have no problem finding her!

    ck1 and dix, I’m sure I’m off on how both of them look. But knowing their approximate ages, and from the way they write I’d find them by ear. Or, in ck1’s case, by going to the bathroom.

    For some reason I imagine Vet to look like the math teacher I had last year. My teacher’s twenty-five, about the same age (right?). He likes to hunt deer, wrestle, and play football, he’s part Mexican, and he has some kind of western/southern accent. . . Okay, completely off, but that’s what you look like to me! (Don’t worry, he’s not bad-looking at all! In fact, he’s very popular with all the girls in school and even the female teachers. But you’re a lot smarter than he is :) Aside from the green cap, though, I think I’d be able to find him just by watching and listening to the men in the room.

    I think the easiest and hardest person for me to find would have to be reader. Easiest, because I’m 100% percent sure she’d know me from a mile away, and I hope I’d be able to recognize her too. Hardest, because in reality I am slightly self conscious and not very open, no matter how hard I try to be otherwise. I think and write more clearly than I speak, which is why I’m more of a listener. I’ve never had anyone listen to or care about me to the same degree I care about them other than my immediate family. It would definitely mean a lot to me to meet her in person, just for that, but I’d feel as if I were being held to standards I could not possibly meet, and no amount of reassurance could convince me otherwise. (That makes no sense, does it?)

    It’s funny, my favorite contact friends have their own distinct voices in my mind (don’t ask me to describe them, though!) and their own images. I do think about them often during the day, and that always brings the phrase “It’s what’s inside that counts” home for me. I’ve never seen these people, yet I like them very much and would love to meet them. It’s because their minds and souls are beautiful to me, what’s on the inside. There is no physical barrier at all.

    Good question.

    **You know, Dix, in my dreams I'm pretty and I have coal black hair. In reality, my hair is waist length, curly, and dark brown. But, since Vet, bruckcie, and SqueakyWeal will be there, I'm sticking to my hijab and abaya. [That's what I meant when I said I'd probably be easiest to spot :) I think I'm the only Muslim/Arab-American in this bunch!] And if I were attending a wedding I'd ditch the glasses in favor of a pair of contacts ♥

    ***I have three new contacts whose names and ages I know. If I played some Sigur Ros, Kings of Leon, and Beatles or Oasis songs loud enough at that party, I'm sure I'd have three heads turn my way and I'd find olive, T.S.R., and Paperbag :)

    Source(s): Basically, my answer is an elaborate version of what Blue Coral said. I'm confident that I could eventually find most of them.
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