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1.what is "Fong-shui"? how does it work? do fortune-tellers read a person's fortune in Taiwan? Chinese really worship their ancestors? how? every family have a tablet? how often do they worship their ancestor?

5.what religions do people follow in Taiwan? many religions are there in Taiwan? people go to temples on Sundays,too?

8.why do Chinese burn paper money in the ceremony?

9.why are there so many big and small temples on the street? they alaways practice their ceremonies on the street?






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    1."Fong-shui" is the location of a person's house and (or) ancestral grave. It's supposed to have an influence on the fortune of a family and his offspring.

    2.They may use animals such as a bird or turtle; or the words written by people; or any sign around the environment to read a person's in Taiwan.

    3.Yes, I believe most of Chinese really worship their ancestors. Due to the differences of religion, there will use different ways to worship their ancestors, such as pray, burn joss sticks before an idol, and so on.

    4.Due to the differences of religion, only part of family would have tablets in their family. They often burn joss sticks before an idol and say something for pray.

    5.There are three main religions in Taiwan. They are Christianity, Buddhism, and Taoism.

    6.There are three main religions in Taiwan, such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Taoism.

    7.It's hard to give an definitely answer, because every temple usually has it's individual rule for people.

    8.Chinese consider the behavior of burning paper money as a form of giving money to ancestors or the died people.

    9.That's kind of custom in Chinese. Chinese is a kind of race who often fear and respect to ancestors.

    10.For Chinese, the ceremonies they held for their ancestors or Gods. Hence, they should practice the ceremonies on the street.

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