what was auburn thinking hiring that guy?

as an lsu fan i'm glad they did but omg i would be pissed if i was an auburn fan

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    First, I am a life-long Bama fan, so I think it's a great hire....

    I've been listening to sports radio in the state and no one knows why they hired Gene Chizik. Yes, he was the defensive coordinator for Auburn's undefeated run in 2004 and followed it with a year at Texas, where he directed the Longhorn's undefeated title run in 2005. Had he stayed at Auburn as defensive coordinator, or in Austin as the defensive coordinator for Mac Brown, the hire would not be as bad.

    But, he won only five games at Iowa State. Now, I understand that Iowa State is not the best program in the nation and they face some huge challenges with Iowa being the top football program that state. But, he won just five games playing in the Big 12 North. It's understandable if he is playing in the Big 12 South, with the Fantastic Four. In the North, though, there's Missouri and then a step down to Kansas and Kansas State, both of which were down this year, and I couldn't name, without looking them up, the other two teams. Even Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Kentucky -- bottom feeders in the SEC -- had some success under good coaches.

    Some have compared the situation to the hire of Mike Shula at Alabama. I disagree. For one, the Tide had to make a quick hire late in the off-season following the dismissal of Mike Price for personal conduct unbecoming a head football coach. This means the list of quality candidates was small, mostly coordinators. And, Alabama came up with two good candidates, Shula and Sylvester Croom. Both had good records as NFL coordinators and coaches, with Shula being a little younger than Croom. Shula, or Croom, was a gamble and Alabama had to take the gamble.

    Auburn did not have to take the gamble Alabama was forced into with Shula. Very few available top-notch coaches have been taken out of the market at this point. The hiring of Chizik strikes me as a panic move. But, worse, it strikes me as a move that, even if Auburn had to dip into coordinators and other remaining available coaches, is STILL a bad move even if made in panic. Auburn could have chosen a head coach with a much better resume than Chizik.

    The best thing that has been said about Chizik is that he has not absolutely proven himself to be a failure as a head coach, despite his 5-19 record. And, this is true. While the results are not encouraging, he could have rebounded and won more over the next two/three years, proving his first two years were steps backward to get to a place where the team could win. I doubt it, but other coaches have had to tear down before they could start building, such as Croom at Mississippi State (and I think Croom was just starting to pay off for the Bulldogs -- wish they had given him another year or two to see if the work would have paid off). Chizik simply has not done anything to suggest that the last two years were tear down and rebuilding years and has not done anything to get the Auburn job.

    And, I disagree that Chizik was hired to slight Turner Gill. Chizik wasn't even close, IMO, to being the top white coach on Auburn's list. Jim Grobe, Gary Patterson, Todd Graham -- all easily better than Chizik. Look, I know that Tommy Tuberville made a bad hire in Tony Franklin. While I believe that Franklin is an excellent coach -- he has a good track record before Auburn -- he was not, for whatever reason, a good fit for the Tigers. And, in football, you can't just switch ways of doing things, either offensively or defensively, midstream. But, still, Tuberville won five games this year, the same that Chizik did over two years. I just can't believe Auburn got rid of Tuberville, who won 85 games, for Chizik.

    The best explanation I have heard is that Chizik shook the right hands and made the right impressions with the small group of Auburn boosters that control the program -- a group of boosters that Tuberville, despite beating Alabama six consecutive times, was at odds with over the last four or five years. No one knows why he was hired, but Chizik better win. He is not just coaching for his future, but that of Auburn AD Jay Jacobs who hired him. And, while Tuberville's seat was a little warm -- a bad season in 2009 would have put him on the hot seat with most Auburn fans -- Chizik starts out on the hot seat.

    And, in 2009, Auburn's schedule is littered with mine fields. For instance, Chizik and the Tigers open Sept. 5 against Louisiana Tech. While other coaches could survive an opening-day loss to the Bulldogs, Chizik will have to win. Games against Mississippi State and West Virginia follow. Mississippi State likes nothing better than beating teams from Alabama and West Virginia will have a fairly good team. Ball State visits the Plains on Sept. 25 and that could be really disastrous for Chizik, who wont have a honeymoon period and a loss to a very good Ball State team would not be well accepted. Then, there is Auburn's first road trip of the year, going to Tennessee. At the end of Week 5,

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    That guy have a losing record for the year and are 0-10 in the Big 12 play and they hire that guy, lol. That guy does not have a good enough resume to be hire by Auburn but the school hire him anyway over a more qualified guy like Turner Gill. That guy will be fire in a few year, after leading Auburn into a lot of losing season to come.

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    They were thinking that hiring a good old boy coach that was white was better than hiring a winning coach with a white wife. They were also thinking that nobody would notice. What a bunch of losers! That school and that poor excuse for a coach that left his last school on a hot streak of 10 losses are more worthless than teats on a boar hog.

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    That is the question that will haunt the idiot who made the choice. If this coach fails as miserably as most are predicting it makes him look like a total idiot. If by some stroke of luck this coach becomes a winner, then it makes the guy who hired him look like a genius. I think the guy is hoping to surprise everyone and look like a genius on such a longshot. He will most likely have the same chance at looking like a genius as Paris Hilton has of winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

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    they made the ultimate mistake in firing tuberville.

    Everyone has an off year, even stoops, brown, tressel, and carroll have had bad seasons.

    Stoops and Tressel fail in nat. champ games.

    Brown loses to the wrong ppl and is unfortunately not forgiven for it by being at a school where reputation helps.

    And Carroll for some reason always ends up in Corvalis*

    (hint Ore. State)

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    Thats just it -- they weren't thinking. Everyone and their grandmother knows that Turner Gil should have gotten the job. Pretty weird/screwed up if you ask me. You can only wonder if race is still really that big of a factor in the coaching world of sports..

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    It makes no sense.

    Was Tommy Tubberville that bad?

  • 1 decade ago

    i don't know but i'm loving it

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