should teen criminals be tried as adults?

if so why?

any debate please let me know.

any information on a website that has updated juvenile criminal records that are reported each year.

also, why should people agree on trying juveniles as adults?

*do any of you know the name of the cheerleaders that killed one of their team mates beacuse they hated her?

thank you so much.


the frontal lobe doesnt develope completely untill we are 25. so legally we are adults but not mentally.

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    I am a teen,

    and i honestly don't believe so.

    i believe once you get to a certain age that you should know the difference between right and wrong.

    when you are a teenager you are learning your place in life. But, once you are 18 you technically don't have to listen to your parents and don't have to follow your own rules.

    many teens do crimes because of "rebelling" and stuff.

    but, i do believe with the certain crime they did, if it was something like murder or major stealing...they should be tried as either an adult or double the time in an juvenile correction center and it should be written on the record.

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    As a CJ major i think that in certain circumstances that yes a juvenile should be tried as an adult. If a person knows what they are doing, and it is premeditated then obviously they know what the consquences are and they deserve what is given by the court system. Maybe if more juveniles are tried as adults then the juvenile crime rate might decrease. I think many juveniles get involved in crime because most of the time the charges are exponged at age 18 and they dont have to worry about it, this way if tried as an adult it will give them a record. Alot of adult criminals have juveniles take the hit for their crimes because they have been through the system and they know a juvenile wont get in as much trouble. That is the case with drug dealers and gang members, recruiting juveniles, because they are easily persuaded and wont get looked down apon as much. Also because most juveniles dont have a prior record and the punishment is usually minor.

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    TRY: (Law). to examine and determine judicially, as a cause; determine judicially the guilt or innocence of (a person) (

    Kids nowadays are being charged left, right and, center for things that I did when I was a child/teenager. Minor stupid kiddish things, it is not right. People have no authority anymore, no empowerment, only the police and, military so kids lose as result.

    Trying a kid, someone under eighteen years of age is a serious matter. This depends on the severity of the charge(s).

    I believe most children who grow up in a well managed home where they were treated with civility, and are taught basic skills to live; manners, respect, including right from wrong are likely to not get involved innocently, but do not think the actions through. They should not have their lives ruined for a mistake.

    I believe most children, who grow up in a less than well managed home where they did not get treated with civility, learn manners, respect, possibly learned wrong instead of right, are likely to get involved detrimentally to reach out or show pain. Like the children above do not think the actions through, (this is the common thread that has no class boundaries). These children have already towed the line getting to this point in their short life/lives and, should not have their lives ruined, but reignited.

    They should all go to a juvenile hall so they do not get mistreated by criminal adults least physically abused by people who are in jail for molesting children. If a court deems an adult sentencing, that is fine. However, I believe all children tried and convicted should be sent to juvenile hall without parole and, upon turning twenty-one get transferred to an adult prison. That is only fair to childhood, or what is left of protecting it. So any convicted kid has a shot at being a successful law abiding adult.

    p.s. In addition kid convicts should receive psychiatric profiling, and therapies.

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    for violent crime yes.

    Truthfully though I think children do need to learn there are consequences to their actions. It's better that they learn it early. Over the last decade or two there has been a steady rise in juvenile crime due to the belief that nothing will be done to them... and quite often that is true.

    If they are bad at school they are suspended or expelled... big whoopidy doo... they get out of school... for most kids that's not exactly a punishment. Then we bring up the "blame the parent" angle... but the problem with that is parents are afraid to disipline their children for fear of being labeled as abusers. Add to that mess that many parents don't even have time for their kids anymore... they are dropped into daycare soon after birth and afterschool programs at a shocking rate.

    The push is ever present for mothers to abandon their children to institutions for the majority of a child's waking hours and this push is felt the strongest by single parents, because god forbid they become a drain on society. Nevermind that juvenile crime is an even bigger drain then mothers being on welfare.

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    It depends on the offence. Kids will be kids. Petty theft, fighting with another minor, vandalism, and the like shouldn't be considered grounds for being prosecuted to the full extend of the law. Kids make mistakes. That is why they are kids.

    If they do a crime that is life threatening/changes the quality of life for the worse to someone else, or do something where it takes a large amount of organization, say supply their school with kilos of cocaine, then yes, they should be tried as an adult.

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    I think it really depends on the crime, the age and the individual in question. For example, most children under the age of 12 simply don't have the Cognitive abilities to understand ideas like death, the way adults do. however, that doesn;t mean they won't commit the crime again. really, a child who commits a very violent crime is most likely very far beyond the point of no return when it comes to learned behaviors. Most the children in national violent crime cases who were very young, yet still tried as adults all ended up back in prison anyways.

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    if they murdered someone or hurt someone then yeah, but for theft and things like that then no, my boyfriend is in adult jail right now and he is only 17 he was in his car with his friend who had a gun on him, he friend is 21 and my bf is getting two charges just because he was in the car with his friend who had the gun. and we are about to have a baby i am due in january and now he cant be here with me because stupid Joe Arpaio in AZ (the sheriff) makes the stupidest decisions. kids are kids and they make mistakes and adults are adults the law should be able to change that fact.

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    You can find almost anything you want to know regarding juvenile crime and punishment at the link below.

    Teens should know right from wrong and if they commit heinous crimes, they should be tried as adults.

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    i am in debate, and just did lincoln douglas. but i think it depends on the crime. if a teen committed a first offense, and not a hanus crime, then no, they should not be tried as adults. by first offense, i mean shoplifting under ten dollars, less than an eighth of marijuana, etc. but if a teenager committed a hanus crime, such as rape, murder, arson, assault, battery, armed burglary, than yes. teenagers have enough sense and responsibility to make clear judgements about such serious crimes. if they want to commit a serious crime, they should have thought about the consequences. if you want to be treated like an adult, then you better act like one. teenagers want to be treated as adults, so if they want to be stupid, they can be tried as one.

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