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Tuscany, Italy; London, England; or Paris, France for a 20 year old female to go to for study abroad. ?

This summer (June or July) I will be doing a study abroad through my college. Mon through Thurs we will have classes and field trips to tourist sites (museums, plays, ect). Fri through Sun will be open for me to do what ever. For a 20 year old female who likes to have fun.... where should I do my study abroad... tuscany, italy; paris, france; or london, england. I want some entertainment on my days off for i will see all the educational sites mon through thurs. I like music and concerts and dancing so i want to go to a place with some nightly entertainment and shops.


What I am studying is not a key factor. I just want to make sure on my days off I will have some fun entertainment!!

Update 2:

i also would like to meet locals there and i speak english

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    in london there are tonnes of cinemas clubs famous museums restaurants and most give student discount and u don't need to travel to far

    to get something you need or to have a good time unless your looking for something specific

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    Lonodn is too expensive. Don't study in London unless you're loaded. Actually the whole of the UK is too expensive so don't study here!

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    Do you only speak English? London would probably be your best bet.

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  • Jeb
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    Heidelberg Germany.

    Good school.

    Lots of places around there.

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